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2006/07 Undergraduate Module Catalogue

SLAV1024 Developing Russian Language

10 creditsClass Size: 12

Taught: Semester 2 View Timetable

Year running 2006/07


Attendance at SLAV 1023


For Single Honours: SLAV 1021 & 1022

This module is mutually exclusive with

SLAV 1020 Beginning Russian II

Module replaces

SLAV 1012 Russian Language A: Speaking and Writing

This module is approved as an Elective

Module summary

This module is designed to develop and complement the core skills acquired in SLAV1021 by using an abridged form of a genuine Russian novella, in order to cover a wider range of vocabulary and syntax. It can also be taken by those who prefer to focus on literary Russian. Written work will consist of precis and essay writing on selected topics relevant to Russian culture and society. Oral discussions will also play a key role.Teaching: consists of practical language classes: 1 hour per week using a graded language reader and including reading comprehension and precis, and 1 hour essay writing and oral discussion.Assessment: Assessed essay, precis and oral discussion.For more information, please contact the Departmental Secretary Mrs A. Guliyeva (


This module is intended for students studying Russian on Programme A (ie having already obtained A2, AS Grade A or equivalent in Russian). The module builds on skills developed in module SLAV1023, developing the core skills by using a graded language reader in order to give access to a wider range of vocabulary and syntax. Written and spoken work will focus on pricis and essay writing and oral discussions.
On completion of the module students will be able to:
- manage more linguistically challenging literary texts and show confidence and independence in dealing with unfamiliar language;
- demonstrate their understanding by being able to produce pricis in accurate written Russian;
- produce simple, structured creative writing, demonstrating grammatical accuracy and knowledge of a range of vocabulary on selected topics;
- hold short, simple, structured oral discussions, demonstrating grammatical accuracy and knowledge of a range of vocabulary on a specified topic.


The module is based on S. le Fleming's Guide to Essay Writing in Russian, plus a graded language reader. T. Wade's A Comprehensive Russian Grammar and A Russian Grammar Workbook are recommended reading.

Skills to be developed include:

- comprehension, pricis, using the language reader (1 hour)
- essay writing and oral discussions (1 hour)

Teaching methods

Practical classes: 22 x 1 hour

Methods of assessment

1 assessed essay, 250 words, 40%
1 assessed oral discussion, 15 minutes with questions, 40%
1 assessed pricis on seen text, 20%
during the later part of the semester.

Reading list

The reading list is available from the Library website

Last updated: 08/03/2007


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