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2012/13 Taught Postgraduate Programme Catalogue

MA Advertising and Design

Programme code:MA-ADESN-FTUCAS code:
Duration:12 Months Method of Attendance: Full Time
Programme manager:Mr Mike Sheedy Contact

Total credits: 180

Entry requirements:

An Upper Second Honours Degree or better in Design or a related subject. Evidence of a high level of achievement in a substantial written research/academic report or dissertation must be demonstrated. Non-standard entry will be considered in exceptional circumstances.

School/Unit responsible for the parenting of students and programme:


Examination board through which the programme will be considered:


Programme specification:

This programme, designed in collaboration with Leeds University Business School, combines theoretical and practical modules to create a unique educational experience within this subject discipline.

The MA Advertising & Design seeks to address and reflect issues of convergence between advertising and design, in particular where brand communications demand the expertise of both disciplines. Equally, the changing behaviour and expectations of consumers, blurring of markets, media fragmentation, consumer displacement and on-line and mobile communications are issues central to the content and structure of the programme.

Dynamic and effective communications, capable of application across a range of media channels, combined with longevity of relationship management, is the primary objective. Whether the intent is from the perspective of a commercialist, activist, interventionist, crusader or challenger the fundamental principles of effective communication still apply and it is the intention of the programme to accommodate a variety of approaches opinions and attitudes in order to create a rich and rewarding educational experience.

Content and delivery will challenge communicators to extend their creative thinking to operate across media platforms, propose new possibilities for communication channels and engage and build relationships with audiences in unique ways. Students of the MA Advertising and Design will engage with ethical issues relevant to communications, be aware of regulatory and legal control and understand and support the strategic objectives of organisations employing the services of creative agencies.

There are opportunities to redefine the relationship between advertising and its clients and consumers and to consider the role of advertising in the context of globalisation and new technology and in advanced and emerging consumer economies.

The intention is to form a unique alliance between design, business and new media to create a unique educational experience consisting of "Creative - Theory - Technology", with the potential to originate proposals and conduct relevant research projects which address issues such as media fragmentation, globalisation, effectiveness, new technology, Customer Relations Management (on-line, viral, guerrilla), User Generated Content and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Unique features of the programme include;
- Integrated Communication Module: unique collaboration between LUBS MA Advertising and Marketing and School of Design MA Advertising and Design students working together to simulate a client / creative agency experience.
- Industrial involvement through workshops, live briefs, student competitions, visiting speakers and the possibility of short term placements.
- Structure and content reflects student aspirations for employment in the sector or investigation into advertising and brand communications from a critical/ethical/psychological perspective, leading to further research study at PhD level.

Year 1 - View timetable

[Learning Outcomes, Transferable (Key) Skills, Assessment, Learning Context]

To be eligible for the Masters degree candidates have to pass 150 from the 180 credits taken with an overall average of 50 across the 180 credits studied including EITHER of the 30 credit modules DESN5240M Creative Direction or DESN5250M Dissertation: Advertising & Design.

Compulsory modules:

Candidates will be required to study the following compulsory modules:

DESN5210MVisual Communication15 creditsSemester 1
DESN5220MPersuasion15 creditsSemester 1
DESN5230MIntegrated Communication30 creditsSemester 2
LUBS5402MConsumer Behaviour15 creditsSemester 1
LUBS5405MMarketing Communications15 creditsSemester 1
LUBS5407MAdvertising15 creditsSemester 2
LUBS5409MGlobal Strategic Marketing15 creditsSemester 1
LUBS5425MMedia Policy15 creditsSemester 2

Optional modules:

Candidates will be required to study 15 credits from the following optional modules

LUBS5430MRelationship and Direct Marketing15 creditsSemester 2
LUBS5440MSales Promotion and Sponsorship15 creditsSemester 2
LUBS5445MInternet Marketing15 creditsSemester 2

Candidates will be required to study 30 credits from the following optional modules

DESN5240MCreative Direction30 credits1 Apr to 30 Sep
DESN5250MDissertation - Advertising and Design30 credits1 Apr to 30 Sep

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