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2017/18 Undergraduate Module Catalogue

SPPO9001 Year Abroad

120 creditsClass Size: 120

Module manager: Duncan Wheeler

Taught: Semesters 1 & 2 View Timetable

Year running 2017/18

Pre-requisite qualifications

Either SPPO2010 or SPPO2011 or SPPO2090 or SPPO2091

This module is mutually exclusive with

SPPO9002Term Abroad

This module is not approved as a discovery module


The year abroad will take one of three forms: British Council assistantship; study at a partner institution; work placement. During this part of their degree programme, students will have the opportunity to:
- make substantial linguistic progress, over a wide range of registers, in respect of the target language;
- face the linguistic, intellectual and psychological challenges of living in another country;
- acquire a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the target language;
- develop the social/personal/transferable skills necessary for gaining maximum benefit from living in a different community;
- seek to enhance their future employability by familiarizing themselves, when appropriate, with the world of work within the target culture, or by reflecting on the utility of skills that they are acquiring while living abroad for their future employment.

Learning outcomes
On completion of the year abroad, students should have:
- improved their language fluency and proficiency;
- improved their knowledge and appreciation of the target culture.

Skills outcomes
Students will have had the opportunity to develop and practise:
- interpersonal and transferable skills required to operate successfully in a Portuguese or Spanish-speaking society, in a variety of roles and situations
- resourcefulness and self-reliance


Due to the varied opportunities for the year abroad, the 'syllabus' will differ from student to student. Students should make themselves familiar with the requirements for the year abroad as laid out in the departmental Residence Abroad Booklet.

To pass the year abroad, students will need to demonstrate all of the following:

University study:

- Minimum of 9 months residence abroad while studying
- Satisfactory attendance at university
- Adequate number of credits taken (as detailed in the Residence Abroad Booklet)
- Adequate number of modules passed (as detailed in the Residence Abroad Booklet)
- Completion of Year Abroad weblog
- Completion of a 1,000 Review of a Cultural Event (Film, Concert, Exhibition etc.)

Work placements (including British Council assistantships):

- Minimum of 9 months residence abroad while working,
- Satisfactory report from employers,
- Completion of Year Abroad weblog.

- Completion of a 1,000 Review of a Cultural Event (Film, Concert, Exhibition etc.)

Teaching methods

Private study hours1,200.00
Total Contact hours0.00
Total hours (100hr per 10 credits)1,200.00

Private study

Students will be expected to immerse themselves in the culture of the host country and, depending on the type of placement, undertake those activities necessary for successful completion of the year abroad.

Opportunities for Formative Feedback

Students will maintain contact with their personal tutors and/or year abroad tutors by e-mail.

Methods of assessment

Assessment typeNotes% of formal assessment
Placement Assessment.100.00
Reflective logStudents will complete a weblog during their year abroad.0.00
Total percentage (Assessment Coursework)100.00

The Year Abroad is graded on a pass/fail basis. All of the specified requirements must be completed for a pass to be awarded. Details can be found in the Residence Abroad Handbook which is distributed to students prior to leaving. If part of the Year Abroad requirements are not completed, students may be required (at the discretion of the Module Leader) to undertake in addition a resit assessment, before being allowed to register for the final year of the programme. If students do not fulfil the residency requirement, or there is evidence of no serious attempt to fulfil the requirements of the work or study placement, students may be required to resit the whole year abroad at their own expense.

Reading list

There is no reading list for this module

Last updated: 26/04/2017


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