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2018/19 Undergraduate Programme Catalogue

BA Theatre and Performance

Programme code:BA-PECI/T&PUCAS code:W440
Duration:3 Years Method of Attendance: Full Time
Programme manager:Dr George Rodosthenous Contact

Total credits: 360

Entry requirements:

AAA-ABB or equivalent qualifications plus successful interview and in accordance with School’s admissions policy.

School/Unit responsible for the parenting of students and programme:

The School of Performance & Cultural Industries

Examination board through which the programme will be considered:

The School of Performance & Cultural Industries Examination Board

Relevant QAA Subject Benchmark Groups:

Programme specification:

The programme offers a unique blend of performance and cultural industries that sets it apart from its competitors both in the UK and internationally. Studying these two areas in conjunction with each other allows the student to develop the following attributes:
- The creativity of the artist
- The insight of the cultural activist
- The dynamism of the entrepreneur
These attributes prepare graduates for a wide variety of employment destinations across the creative and cultural industries. Opportunities to connect with industry and professional practitioners are embedded within the programme. A distinctive feature is the programme’s engagement with the social impact agenda. Every student works in collaboration with external agencies and organisations as part of their taught curriculum. The quality and diversity of these partnerships provide students with a rich learning experience that also enhances their employability.

The curriculum consists of a core set of modules that delivers key conceptual frameworks for theoretical and creative study, complemented by an exciting range of options and Discovery modules rooted in staff research activity. Students will have the opportunity to identify their own specialist interests within the curriculum and experience a range of different approaches. The teaching team offer a wide variety of disciplinary specialisms from across the fields of performance and the cultural industries, including performer training, applied performance, movement and physical theatre, arts management, arts and cultural education, enterprise and cultural policy, performance design, history and dramaturgy, writing and textual analysis, devising and directing. Suitably qualified students will be able to Study Abroad or opt for an Industry or Enterprise year, thereby broadening student experience and strengthening global and cultural insights.

The School’s relationship with the University’s public licensed professional theatre provides many opportunities for students to become involved in its activities both through the curriculum and as volunteers. This offers the unique experience of working in a professional theatre environment within a university context.

Year1 - View timetable

[Learning Outcomes, Transferable (Key) Skills, Assessment]

Compulsory modules:

Candidates will be required to study the following compulsory modules:

ODLM1014Studying in a Digital Age (Performance & Cultural Industries)5 creditsSemester 1
PECI1701Studio Practices30 creditsSemester 1
PECI1703Performance Project 1: From Text to Performance20 creditsSemester 2
PECI1704Exploring Performance: Cultures and Contexts20 creditsSemester 2
PECI1711Performance Perspectives20 creditsSemester 1
PECI1712Studying Theatre and Performance5 creditsSemester 1

Optional modules:

Candidates will be required to study 20 credits of optional modules or 20 credits of discovery modules

PECI1705Making Dance Theatre20 creditsSemester 2
PECI1706Managing Festivals and Events20 creditsSemester 2, Semester 1
PECI1707Exploring the Performing Arts20 creditsSemester 2, Semester 1
PECI1708Exploring the Musical20 creditsSemester 2
PECI1709Stage Management20 creditsSemester 2

Discovery modules:

Students may study 20 credits of discovery modules in semester 2

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[Learning Outcomes, Transferable (Key) Skills, Assessment]

Compulsory modules:

Students will be required to study the following compulsory modules

PECI2701Creative Practice and Performance Contexts20 creditsSemester 1
PECI2702Researching Theatre and Performance20 creditsSemester 1
PECI2703Performance Project 2: Collaborative Project20 creditsSemester 2
PECI2704Interpreting Theatre and Performance Histories20 creditsSemester 2

Optional modules:

Candidates have choice to study:

A 20 credit optional module in each semester, or

A 20 credit optional module in one semester, plus a 20 credit discovery module in the opposite semester; or

A 20 credit optional module in one semester, plus10 credits of Discovery modules in each semesters.

PECI2705Theatre Directing20 creditsSemester 1
PECI2706Cultural Flashpoints in the Performing Arts20 creditsSemester 2
PECI2707Arts Marketing20 creditsSemester 1
PECI2708Exploring Musical Theatre20 creditsSemester 2
PECI2709Performance Design20 creditsSemester 2
PECI2710Industry Study20 creditsSemesters 1 & 2
PECI2712Somatic Practices in the 20th and 21st Centuries20 creditsNot running in 201819
PECI2713Performer Training in the C20th and C21st20 creditsSemester 2
PECI2714Politics, Identity and Performance20 creditsSemester 1

Discovery modules:

Candidates may study up to 20 credits of discovery modules:

Year3 - View timetable

[Learning Outcomes, Transferable (Key) Skills, Assessment]

Compulsory modules:

Candidates will be required to study the following compulsory modules:

PECI3700Independent Research Project40 creditsSemesters 1 & 2
PECI3701Contemporary Issues in Arts and Culture20 creditsSemester 1

Optional modules:

Candidates will study:-

one optional module from sub-set A, and

one optional module from sub-set B, or a 20 credit Discovery module

Candidates will be required to choose one of the following optional modules:

PECI3702Enterprise Project40 creditsSemesters 1 & 2
PECI3703Performance Project 3: Public Performance40 creditsSemesters 1 & 2
PECI3704Independent Practice20 creditsSemester 2, Semester 1
PECI3705Arts and Cultural Management20 creditsSemester 1
PECI3706Inter-cultural Performance20 creditsNot running in 201819
PECI3707Performance Design and Space20 creditsSemester 2
PECI3708Contemporary Theatre Makers20 creditsSemester 2

Discovery modules:

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