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2019/20 Taught Postgraduate Programme Catalogue

MSc Mathematics and Computer Science

Programme code:MSC-MATH&CSUCAS code:
Duration:12 Months Method of Attendance: Full Time
Programme manager:Dr A Parker Contact

Total credits: 180

Entry requirements:

Upper second class degree or equivalent in mathematics, computer science with a substantial mathematics component, or in a degree scheme containing a substantial mathematics component.

School/Unit responsible for the parenting of students and programme:

School of Mathematics

Examination board through which the programme will be considered:

School of Mathematics

Relevant QAA Subject Benchmark Groups:

Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research, Computer Science.

Programme specification:

The programme will:
- provide training in mathematics and computer science;
- expose students to modern developments in mathematics and computer science;
- be flexible in allowing the student to take a broad range of options, including modules within pure mathematics, applied mathematics, financial mathematics, statistics and probability, and computing;
- reflect the research interests of the Schools of Mathematics and Computing.

Year1 - View timetable

[Learning Outcomes, Transferable (Key) Skills, Assessment]

Candidates must enrol on 180 or 185 credits overall, with at least 135 credits at level 5M.

Students will be awarded the PGCert if they exit with 60 credits (including 45 at Level 5M), or the PGDip if they exit with 90 credits (including 75 at Level 5M).

Optional modules:

Candidates are required to enrol on exactly one of the following two modules:

COMP5200MMSc Project60 credits1 Jan to 30 Sep
MATH5000MDissertation in Mathematics60 credits1 Jun to 30 Sep

Candidates are required to choose 120 or 125 credits from the following modules, with at least 40 credits in Level 5 MATH modules and at least 40 credits in Level 5 COMP modules. COMP5940M counts as either a Computer Science module or a Mathematics module for this purpose.

COMP3611Machine Learning10 creditsSemester 1
COMP3910Combinatorial Optimisation10 creditsSemester 2
COMP3940Graph Algorithms and Complexity Theory10 creditsSemester 1
COMP5400MBio-Inspired Computing15 creditsSemester 2
COMP5623MArtificial Intelligence15 creditsSemester 2
COMP5710MAlgorithms15 creditsNot running in 201920
COMP5711MPractical Programming15 creditsSemester 1
COMP5811MParallel and Concurrent Programming15 creditsSemester 1
COMP5830MKnowledge Representation and Machine Learning15 creditsNot running in 201920
COMP5840MData Mining and Text Analytics15 creditsSemester 2
COMP5850MCloud Computing15 creditsSemester 2
COMP5860MSemantic Technologies and Applications15 creditsSemester 2
COMP5920MScheduling15 creditsSemester 2
COMP5930MScientific Computation15 creditsSemester 1
COMP5940MGraph Theory: Structure and Algorithms15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3017Calculus in the Complex Plane15 creditsSemester 1
MATH3021Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics20 creditsSemester 2
MATH3033Graph Theory15 creditsSemester 1
MATH3044Number Theory15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3071Groups and Symmetry15 creditsSemester 1
MATH3104Proof and Computation15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3113Differential Geometry15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3120Models and Sets15 creditsSemester 1
MATH3143Combinatorics15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3153Coding Theory15 creditsSemester 1
MATH3195Commutative Rings and Algebraic Geometry15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3211Metric and Function Spaces15 creditsSemester 1
MATH3216Hilbert Spaces and Fourier Analysis15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3225Topology15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3232Transformation Geometry15 creditsSemester 1
MATH3355Hamiltonian Systems15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3365Mathematical Methods15 creditsSemester 1
MATH3374Linear and Non-Linear Waves15 creditsNot running in 201920
MATH3375Hydrodynamic Stability15 creditsNot running in 201920
MATH3385Quantum Mechanics15 creditsSemester 1
MATH3396Dynamical Systems15 creditsNot running in 201920
MATH3397Nonlinear Dynamics15 creditsSemester 1
MATH3414Analytic Solutions of Partial Differential Equations15 creditsSemester 1
MATH3424Introduction to Entropy in the Physical World15 creditsNot running in 201920
MATH3458Geophysical Fluid Dynamics15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3459Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3474Numerical Methods10 creditsSemester 1
MATH3475Modern Numerical Methods15 creditsNot running in 201920
MATH3491Discrete Systems and Integrability15 creditsNot running in 201920
MATH3510Actuarial Mathematics 115 creditsSemester 1
MATH3520Actuarial Mathematics 215 creditsSemester 2
MATH3532Relativity and Cosmology15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3565Mathematical Biology15 creditsSemester 1
MATH3567Evolutionary Modelling15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3620Fluid Dynamics 215 creditsSemester 1
MATH3714Linear Regression and Robustness15 creditsSemester 1
MATH3723Statistical Theory15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3734Stochastic Calculus for Finance15 creditsSemester 2
MATH3772Multivariate Analysis10 creditsSemester 1
MATH3802Time Series10 creditsSemester 1
MATH3820Bayesian Statistics10 creditsSemester 2
MATH3823Generalised Linear Models10 creditsSemester 2
MATH5021MPhilosophy of Logic and Mathematics20 creditsSemester 2
MATH5071MGroups, Symmetry and Galois Theory20 creditsSemester 1
MATH5104MAdvanced Proof and Computation20 creditsSemester 2
MATH5113MAdvanced Differential Geometry20 creditsSemester 2
MATH5120MAdvanced Models and Sets20 creditsSemester 1
MATH5195MAdvanced Commutative Rings and Algebraic Geometry20 creditsSemester 2
MATH5211MMetric Spaces and Functional Analysis20 creditsSemester 1
MATH5216MHilbert Spaces and Advanced Fourier Analysis20 creditsSemester 2
MATH5325MModels in Actuarial Science15 creditsSemester 2
MATH5356MAdvanced Hamiltonian Systems20 creditsSemester 2
MATH5366MAdvanced Mathematical Methods20 creditsSemester 1
MATH5373MAdvanced Linear and Nonlinear Waves20 creditsNot running in 201920
MATH5376MAdvanced Hydrodynamic Stability20 creditsNot running in 201920
MATH5386MAdvanced Quantum Mechanics20 creditsSemester 1
MATH5395MAdvanced Dynamical Systems20 creditsNot running in 201920
MATH5398MAdvanced Nonlinear Dynamics20 creditsSemester 1
MATH5424MAdvanced Entropy in the Physical World20 creditsNot running in 201920
MATH5458MAdvanced Geophysical Fluid Dynamics20 creditsSemester 2
MATH5459MAdvanced Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics20 creditsSemester 2
MATH5476MAdvanced Modern Numerical Methods20 creditsNot running in 201920
MATH5492MAdvanced Discrete Systems and Integrability20 creditsNot running in 201920
MATH5566MAdvanced Mathematical Biology20 creditsSemester 1
MATH5567MAdvanced Evolutionary Modelling20 creditsSemester 2
MATH5714MLinear Regression, Robustness and Smoothing20 creditsSemester 1
MATH5743MStatistical Learning15 creditsSemester 2
MATH5772MMultivariate and Cluster Analysis15 creditsSemester 1
MATH5802MTime Series and Spectral Analysis15 creditsSemester 1
MATH5820MBayesian Statistics and Causality15 creditsSemester 2
MATH5824MGeneralised Linear and Additive Models15 creditsSemester 2
MATH5825MIndependent Learning and Skills Project15 creditsSemester 2
MATH5835MStatistical Computing15 creditsSemester 1

Depending on the student's interest, further modules are available as options upon approval by the Programme Manager.

Last updated: 15/07/2019


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