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2019/20 Taught Postgraduate Programme Catalogue

PGDip in Business and Public Service Interpreting

Programme code:PGD-BPSIUCAS code:
Duration:9 Months Method of Attendance: Full Time
Programme manager:Lihong Pan Contact

Total credits: 120

Entry requirements:

- A good undergraduate degree (normally a 2:1 honours or above, or the equivalent).
- An excellent command of English and one or more foreign languages (IELTS: 7.0 overall, with at least 7.5 in Listening and Speaking, and 6.5 in Reading and Writing).
- Applicants seeking to enrol for Specialised Translation modules must pass a 'Specialised Translation' entry test for each language combination they wish to study (up to two languages in addition to English).
- Applicants must undertake an interview to assess their suitability for interpreting training.

School/Unit responsible for the parenting of students and programme:

School of Languages, Cultures and Societies

Examination board through which the programme will be considered:

School of Languages, Cultures and Societies

Programme specification:

In the age of globalisation, both business and societies are increasingly multilingual. The rising need for interpreting and translation is marked by a rising acknowledgement from business and governments that expressing yourself in your own language and relying on interpreting and translation services is an important step towards ensuring good communication and fair public services.

These programmes will provide linguists, from the UK and abroad, who meet the entry requirements of the programmes, with the opportunity to develop the skills of professional interpreting and translation and consolidate these skills by acquiring familiarity with a range of issue in the fields of business, economics, law and medicine.

It will also provide an introduction to translation theory and research methods.

Building on the established reputation that Leeds has in Conference Interpreting training, these MA and PG Diploma programmes will enable graduates to apply the skills gained at the highest level in domestic and international courts and in medical settings as well as in commerce, diplomacy, industry and the academic world. These programmes are ideal for those with an interest and aptitude for business and public service interpreting who work bidirectionally within two or more languages. They are also of interest to those already working as interpreters to further develop their skills in interpreting and translation in the areas of Business and Public Service.

Key features:
- Research-led and specialised training in the areas of Business and Public Service Interpreting
- Intensive 'hands-on' teaching of interpreting geared to domestic and international practices
- Market-oriented training with high level of participation of practicing professional interpreters and translators
- Practice in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
- Training in real life scenarios and mock conferences
- Practice in state of the art interpreting conference suits, translation labs and language labs
- Close contact with various industry partners through the "Professionalisation Talks" series
- Opportunity to develop a Personal Career Development Plan

Year1 - View timetable

[Learning Outcomes, Transferable (Key) Skills, Assessment]

Compulsory modules:

Candidates will be required to study the following compulsory modules:

MODL5048MPublic Service Interpreting15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5380MInterpreting Skills: Consecutive and Simultaneous15 creditsSemesters 1 & 2
MODL5381MRetour Interpreting: Consecutive15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5382MAdvanced Retour Interpreting: Consecutive and Simultaneous15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5383MBusiness Interpreting15 creditsSemester 2

Optional modules:

Candidates will be required to study ONE of the following Simultaneous Interpreting modules:

MODL5350MSimultaneous Interpreting: Portuguese15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5353MSimultaneous Interpreting: Spanish15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5355MSimultaneous Interpreting: Chinese15 creditsSemester 2

Candidates will be required to study 30 credits from the following optional modules:

ARAB5080MTranslation for International Organisations (English-Arabic)15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5001MMethods and Approaches in Translation Studies30 creditsSemesters 1 & 2
MODL5003MPrinciples and Applications of Machine Translation15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5006MIntroduction to Screen Translation15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5007MCorpus Linguistics for Translators15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5009MEnglish for Translators15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5014MRhetoric and Public Speaking15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5018MGenres in Translation15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5019MAn Introduction to Legal Translation15 creditsNot running in 201920
MODL5028MInternational Organisations: Context, Theory and Practice15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5030MLiterary Translation15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5050MWriting for Professional Purposes15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5070MIntroduction to Translation Technologies and Workflows15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5113MSpecialised French-English Translation A15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5114MSpecialised German-English Translation A15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5115MSpecialised Italian-English Translation A15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5117MSpecialised Portuguese-English Translation A15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5118MSpecialised Russian-English Translation A15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5119MSpecialised Spanish-English Translation A15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5120MSpecialised English-Arabic Translation A15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5123MSpecialised French-English Translation B15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5124MSpecialised German-English Translation B15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5125MSpecialised Italian-English Translation B15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5127MSpecialised Portuguese-English Translation B15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5128MSpecialised Russian-English Translation B15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5129MSpecialised Spanish-English Translation B15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5130MSpecialised English-Arabic Translation B15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5211MSpecialised Arabic-English Translation15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5212MSpecialised English-Chinese Translation A15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5222MSpecialised English-Chinese Translation B15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5306MSpecialised English-Japanese Translation A15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5312MSpecialised Chinese-English Translation A15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5316MSpecialised Japanese-English Translation A15 creditsSemester 1
MODL5322MSpecialised Chinese-English Translation B15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5326MSpecialised Japanese-English Translation B15 creditsSemester 2
MODL5336MSpecialised English-Japanese Translation B15 creditsSemester 2

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