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PGCert Diagnostic Imaging

Year 1

(Award available for year: Postgraduate Certificate)

Learning outcomes

On completion of the programme students should have shown, in a specific area of imaging practice, evidence of being able to:

- demonstrate in-depth specialist knowledge of imaging equipment and technique;
- demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of underpinning scientific, technical and professional principles and concepts informed by knowledge at the forefront of specialist imaging practice;
- critically appraise the need for specialist imaging examinations by synthesising clinical and other relevant information;
- apply specialist scientific, technical and professional knowledge and skill to imaging practice to a standard that meets national and local quality criteria;
- critically appraise and respond to each individual’s physical and psycho-social needs whilst performing specialist imaging examinations to a standard that meets service and user/carer expectations;
- critically evaluate images for technical and diagnostic quality;
- take a proactive role in imaging practice and critically reflect on the development of their professional relationships with other members of multidisciplinary teams;
- critically evaluate current issues and research related to specific imaging practice and its role in diagnosis, screening and management of disease;
- demonstrate an in-depth understanding of techniques applicable to their own enquiry and scholarship within the context of diagnostic imaging;
- Students who have completed the following modules: Science and Technology of Mammography, Professional Issues in Diagnostic Imaging and Mammography Technique are eligible to apply for the College of Radiographers’ postgraduate award in Mammography)

Transferable (key) skills

Postgraduate Certificate students will have had the opportunity to acquire the following abilities as defined in the modules specified for the programme:

- The programme delivers a high quality, research-led educational experience in order to develop highly competent practitioners who contribute positively to healthcare service provision.
- On completion of this programme the student will have in depth specialist clinical and scientific knowledge related to Diagnostic Imaging and an understanding of the evidence and research base of the discipline.
- The student develops specialist clinical expertise underpinned by in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical experience


Achievement for the Postgraduate Certificate will be assessed by a variety of methods in accordance with the learning outcomes of the programme and will involve the achievement of the students in:

- The assessment methods have been carefully chosen to develop the skills that imaging students will utilise in specialist and/or advanced clinical practice.
- Written exams/practical reports/case reports/Objective Structured Exams/essays/presentations
- The assessment of competence to practice is via an observed clinical session, performance audit or by portfolio, depending on the module.


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