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PGCert Transport Studies

Year 1

(Award available for year: Postgraduate Certificate)

Learning outcomes

On completion of the programme students should have shown evidence of being able to:
- demonstrate an understanding of the issues in transport and their impact on the economy and society;
- demonstrate knowledge of a set of techniques, measures and policies relevant to solving transport problems;
- demonstrate competence in the identification, collection, management, analysis and application of a range of data and ideas related to transport;
- work effectively both independently and in teams on case studies and problems related to transport.

Transferable (key) skills

The key skills that students will develop through the programme are highly relevant to a range of employment opportunities:
- being able to translate policy principles into practice;
- being able to understand the limitations and constraints of policies;
- being able to access up to date resources in an area and process them;
- to understand key data requirements and collection processes;
- to be able to communicate confidently through written work and in oral presentations;
- to recognise and become familiar with key computing advances which support sustainability analyses such as GIS.


The learning outcomes for the programme have been designed in conjunction with the learning outcomes of the modules. Each module comprises a balance of assessment of understanding of core principles, critique of practice and demonstration of the ability to conduct key tasks. Importantly, the process of assessment takes a balanced approach to assessing both the learning outcomes and the achievement of the key skills portfolio outlined.


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