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BA Asia Pacific Studies and Chinese

Year 2

Learning outcomes

By the end of their Year Abroad in China or Taiwan, students should:
- be able to communicate fluently and appropriately with native speakers of Chinese, demonstrating a high degree of grammatical accuracy;
- have consolidated and extended knowledge and understanding of complex structures and registers of Chinese;
- be able to demonstrate sophisticated receptive and productive language skills, in a variety of contexts;
- demonstrate an awareness and understanding of Chinese culture and society, and of the wider Asia-Pacific context;
- be able to use language creatively to communicate information and ideas.

Transferable (key) skills

Students will have had the opportunity to develop and practice:

- oral, written and practical skills in the target language
- the organisation of life and study in China
- inter- personal skills required to operate in Chinese society
- report writing skills.


Achievement will be assessed (On a pass/fail basis) by:

- submission of a year- abroad log
- regular tests and examinations set by the Chinese university and the University of Leeds.


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