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BA Digital Media

Year 3

(Award available for year: Bachelor of Arts)

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate independence in managing self-directed projects, including the ability to devise and execute a research-led project, select appropriate research methodologies, organise and manage resources and adhere to ethical and professional principles
2. Demonstrate independence and self-awareness as learners. Students are able to engage critically with a range of academic and non-academic sources, and reflect critically on their own learning
3. Demonstrate advanced communication skills including the ability to express complex ideas in a range of contexts
4. Initiate, develop and realise distinctive, creative and sophisticated work within various forms of writing or of aural, visual, audio-visual or other electronic media
5. Analyse closely, interpret, and show the exercise of critical judgement in the understanding and, as appropriate, evaluation of New Media forms;
6. Demonstrate a knowledge of the legal, ethical and regulatory frameworks which affect New Media

Transferable (key) skills

Students will have had the opportunity to acquire, as defined in the modules specified for the programme:
- Critical Analysis Skills
- Advanced IT Skills
- Independent Project Management Skills


Achievement will be assessed by a variety of methods in accordance with the learning outcomes of the modules specified for the year/programme and will include:
- demonstrating the ability to apply a broad range of aspects of New Media;
- work that draws on a wide variety of material;
- the ability to evaluate and criticise received opinion;
- evidence of an ability to conduct independent, in depth enquiry within the discipline;
- work that is typically both evaluative and creative


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