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BA Italian B and Japanese

Year 2

Learning outcomes

The first year abroad will be spent studying at partner institutions in a Japanese-speaking country.

During this part of the degree programme, students will have the opportunity to:
- make substantial linguistic progress, over a wide range of registers, in respect of Japanese;
- face the linguistic, intellectual and psychological challenges of living in a Japanese-speaking country;
- acquire a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the target culture;
- develop the intercultural/social/personal/transferable skills necessary for gaining maximum benefit from living in a different community;
- seek to enhance their future employability by familiarizing themselves, when appropriate, with the world of work within the target culture, or by reflecting on the utility of skills that they are acquiring while living abroad for their future employment.

Overall, on completion of the Year Abroad students should be able to demonstrate:
- an ability to communicate confidently and proficiently with native or other competent speakers of Japanese across the sometimes unpredictable and complex range of aspects of everyday life, work and/or study in a foreign culture;
- first-hand knowledge and appreciation of the target culture;
- enhanced cultural self-awareness.

Transferable (key) skills

Students will have had the opportunity to develop and practise:
- interpersonal and transferable skills required to operate successfully in Japanese -speaking society, in a variety of roles and situations;
- resourcefulness and self-reliance.


Achievement will be assessed (on a Pass/Fail basis) by
- submission of a year-abroad log
- successful completion of all courses taken at the Japanese university.


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