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BSc Economics and Finance

Year 3

(Award available for year: Bachelor of Science)

Learning outcomes

On completion of the year/programme students should have provided evidence of being able to:
1. Demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate the key microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts, theories, ideas and tools and the social and historical contexts of their development. (PA1)
2. Demonstrate technical understanding of key areas of economics and finance. (PA2)
3. Show knowledge of the general economic and financial environment (including economic and financial institutions, systems and phenomena) and the understanding of changes in this environment. (PA3)
4. Critically evaluate economic and financial issues. (PA4)
5. Demonstrate the ability to apply and use understanding of economics and finance to solve emerging economic and finance problems. (PA5)
6. Show evidence of being an effective communicator and self-confident, independent collaborator. (PA6)
7.Operate in regard to known ethical and cultural issues. (PA7)

Transferable (key) skills

Students will have had the opportunity to acquire, as defined in the modules specified for the programme:
1. the key transferable skills necessary for employment related to economics and finance
2. the application of critical thinking and problem solving to a variety of applied problems in economics and finance
3. the communication of information, ideas, problems and solutions in a variety of ways to a variety of audiences
4. the exercise of initiative and personal responsibility in planning a substantive piece of independent research
5. the skills necessary to support future independent learning.


Achievement will be assessed by a variety of methods in accordance with the learning outcomes of the modules specified for the year/programme and will include:
1. knowledge and application of economic and finance theory and their applications through written examination
2. research skills, the collections and interpretation of data and the written communication of research findings through the writing of a research dissertation
3. presentational skills through assessed individual presentation of independent research proposals.


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