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Master and Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Bachelor of Science (MChD/BChD, BSc)

Year 5

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Learning outcomes

On completion of the programme students should have provided evidence of being able to:
- fulfil the requirements in relation to clinical skills and knowledge specified in the General Dental Council’s Preparing for Practice
- demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of clinical concepts, information and techniques at the forefront of dentistry;
- demonstrate mastery of relevant clinical techniques and the sciences supporting them at a level appropriate to unsupervised clinical practice;
- take responsibility for the dental team;
- manage effectively their own work and that of others;
- demonstrate familiarity with the legal and ethical responsibilities of registered dental practitioners;
- define the regulatory functions of the GDC;
- demonstrate independent and reflective learning and the ability to work in a way which will foster continuing professional development;
- critically and creatively evaluate current clinical and research issues relevant to clinical dentistry;
- be aware of the processes involved in facial and oral development and the underlying mechanisms of facial and oral anomalies;
- be aware of the changes that occur in general health and in the oral tissues with increasing age at cellular and holistic levels and how these changes may impinge on patient well-being;
- be aware of the role of conscious sedation and general anaesthesia in dentistry;
- recognise clinical problems beyond their level of competence and how to refer them for specialist help;
- take a proactive and self-reflective role in working and critically engage in the development of professional/ disciplinary boundaries and norms;
- demonstrate by the writing of a project a comprehensive understanding of techniques applicable to their discipline and advanced scholarship;
- demonstrate appropriate transferable skills and the ability to proactively formulate ideas and hypotheses, plan and execute an investigation, critically analyse the results and draw valid conclusions.

Transferable (key) skills

Students will have had the opportunity to acquire, as defined in the courses specified for the programme:
- the skills necessary to undertake independent general dental practice under the supervision of a vocational trainer;
- skills to enable them to evaluate their own achievement and that of members of the dental team;
- an ability for self-direction and effective decision-making in complex and unpredictable clinical situations;
- preparedness for independent learning and continuing professional development;
- a questioning and critical approach to the development of professional boundaries;
- demonstrate effective communication strategies, for example with the aggressive patient, breaking of bad news and relationships with professional colleagues across discipline boundaries;
- ability to use a wide range of scientific literature and other information sources;
- proficiency in written and oral communication and the ability to work effectively with other people.


Achievement will be assessed by a variety of methods in accordance with the learning outcomes of the modules specified for the year/programme and will include:
- demonstration of an ability to manage independently the practice of dentistry at primary care level;
- demonstration of the ability to apply depth of knowledge to clinical problems;
- provision of evidence that draws on a range of perspectives to reach accurate clinical diagnoses;
- formulation, evaluation and criticism of treatment options and strategies;
- evidence of reasoned clinical judgements whilst understanding the limitations of judgements made in the absence of complete information;
- demonstration of an awareness of the importance of accurate self-assessment and an ability to apply to their own practice;
- showing an ability to conduct independent in-depth enquiry within the discipline;
- drawing on a range of perspectives on an area of study;
- for students taking the European option, evidence of refection on their study abroad and the production of a documented logbook detailing their academic and clinical experience.


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