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MSc Global Strategy and Innovation Management

Year 1

(Award available for year: Master of Science)

Learning outcomes

On completion of the programme, our students will be able to:
i. identify, summarise and critically evaluate key theories and relevant empirical research evidence within the fields of strategic management, innovation management and international business and provide a professional insight into the operations of complex businesses in the global environment. (PA 1, 4)
ii. develop and critically discuss reasoned and logical arguments, reflecting current concepts and thinking in the fields of strategic management, innovation management and with regard to the global business environment. (PA 1, 5)
iii. critically evaluate differences in strategic management and innovation management across cultures and countries, by implementing appropriate decision making and problem-solving tools. (PA 2)
iv. produce professional quality written assignments and reports on the practices of strategic management and innovation management and the development of organisations, their strategies, and their products/services. (PA 5)
vii. identify ethical dilemmas inherent to the emergence of new transformational technologies and argue how such ethical considerations inform decision-makers. (PA 2, 6)

Transferable (key) skills

Graduates of this programme will be able to evidence learning of the following transferable skills and attributes, as defined in the programme aims and programme learning outcomes:

- Critically evaluate theory in the domains of strategic management, innovation management, and international business [LO: i, ii];
- Undertake critical evaluation of work contexts [LO: i, iii, iv];
- Identify original research questions and conduct independent research [LO: v];
- Communicate ideas in a transparent and professional manner [LO: i, ii, v];
- Effective problem solving and decision making [LO: iii];
- Effective team working and collaboration [LO: ii, iv];
- Critically synthesise data and information in practice [LO: I, iii];
- Ability to learn independently and maintain independent professional development [LO: i, ii, iii]
- Be able to behave in a professional and ethical manner globally [LO: v]
- Gain global and cultural insights [LO: i, ii, iii]


Achievement for the Masters Degree will be assessed by a variety of methods in accordance with the learning outcomes of the modules demonstrating the ability to apply breadth and/or depth of knowledge to a complex specialist area;

- Individual reports and essay assignments.
- Group reports and essay assignments.
- Group presentations.
- Individual closed-book examinations.
- An individual dissertation project.


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