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2011/12 Selected Undergraduate Module Index

School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies

Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 36254
e = elective
ske = skills elective
isa = available for incoming Study Abroad
isaeARTF1041Museum and Country House Studies 1: The English Country House
isaeARTF1042Museum and Country House Studies 2: Introduction to Museum Studies
isaeARTF1043Drawing 1
isaeARTF1044Drawing 2
isaeARTF1045A Story of Art I
isaeARTF1046A Story of Art 2
isaeARTF2000Stories of Art: An Introduction
isaeARTF2003The New York School
isaeARTF2028The Wanderers. Critical Realism in Nineteenth Century Russia
isaeARTF2074African Art I: Context Representation Signification
isaeARTF2083Image before Art
isaeARTF2085Old Mistresses: Gender in the Visual Arts
isaeARTF2092The Museum
isaeARTF2094Art, Power and Portraiture
isaeARTF2097Imagining Others
isaeARTF2103Renaissance Art and Architecture North and South of the Alps circa 1400-1550
isaeARTF2106Buddhism in Practice: Statues, Stupas and other Forms of the Non-Self
isaeARTF2108European Art In the High Renaissance and the Counter Reformation (Renaissance 2)
isaeARTF2120Heritage and History 1: Whose Heritage?
isaeARTF2123The Architecture of the Italian Renaissance, 1400-1600
isaeARTF2126Danish Golden Age Painting
isaeARTF3003Deconstruction Reading Politics
isaeARTF3013Assessing the French Revolution 1789-1799
isaeARTF3016Soviet Socialist Realism
isaeARTF3023Femininity/Modernity/Representation - Rethinking the Twentieth Century with Women in Mind
isaeARTF3032Cities and Film
isaeARTF3034From Trauma to Cultural Memory: The Unfinished Business of Representation and the Holocaust
isaeARTF3042Cultural Diversity in Museum and Material Culture - Case Study
isaeARTF3051Sins, Sinisters and Sciapods: The Margins of Medieval Art
isaeARTF3054Anthropology, Art and Representation
 eARTF3065Heritage and History 2: Survival or Revival?
 eARTF3067British Architecture in the Long Eighteenth Century
isaeARTF3068The Art Market: Moments, Methodologies, Meanings
isaeARTF3156The 'Rematerialisation' of Art? (circa 1960 - present)
isaeARTF3162The Renaissance and Reformation in Northern and Eastern Europe, circa 1450-1600
isaeARTF3163Expanding Horizons: Landscape and Consciousness in Turner's Lifetime
isaeARTF3164Reality Sucks: Contemporary Approaches to Landscape and Environment
isaeARTF3168Africa and the Atlantic World: History, Historiography and the Visual Arts

School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies

Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 36254
isaeCULT1000Introduction to Cultural Analysis 1
isaeCULT1001Introduction to Cultural Analysis II
isaeCULT1002Cultural History
isaeCULT1003Film and History: Cultural Readings and Historical Fictions
isaeCULT2003Cinema and Culture
isaeCULT2005Reading Freud Reading
isaeCULT2006Popular Culture
isaeCULT2007Reading Roland Barthes
isaeCULT2008Layers of Foucault
isaeCULT2009The State of Utopia
isaeCULT3000The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory
isaeCULT3008Reading Sexual Difference
isaeCULT3015Movies, Migrants and Diasporas

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Contact:Shareen Kininmonth
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 32831
isaeBIOL1212Tissues, Organs and Processes of the Human Body
 eBIOL3112Advanced Topics for Biological Sciences 1

Biomedical Sciences

Contact:Shareen Kininmonth
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 32831
isaeBMSC1210Biology of the Mind
isaeBMSC1212Introduction to Pharmacology
isaeBMSC2214Introduction to Toxicology
isaeBMSC2222Mechanisms of Brain Function
isaeBMSC2224Principles of Drug Discovery
isaeBMSC3143Advanced Topics in Pharmacology I
isaeBMSC3144Advanced Topics in Neuroscience I
isaeBMSC3145Advanced Topics in Physiology I
isaeBMSC3146Advanced Topics in Medical Sciences I
isaeBMSC3235Advanced Topics in Physiology II


Contact:Shareen Kininmonth
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 32831
isaeBLGY1115Introduction to Cell Biology: from Molecules to Cells and Tissues
isaeBLGY1117Ecology in a Changing World
isaeBLGY1124The Diversity of Life
isaeBLGY1211Applied Biology and Agriculture
isaeBLGY1232Introduction to Genetics
isaeBLGY1235Lives of Carnivores
isaeBLGY2114Molecular Evolution
isaeBLGY2144Population and Community Ecology
isaeBLGY2201Introduction to Bioinformatics
isaeBLGY2223Organismal Evolution
isaeBLGY2225Sustainable Food Production
 eBLGY2253Animals as Pests

School of Classics

Contact:Student Support Office
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33669
isaeCLAS1300The Greek World: an Introduction
isaeCLAS1400The Roman World: An Introduction
isaeCLAS1610After Troy: Homecoming in Greek Epic and Tragedy
isaskeCLAS1620Latin Literature: Republic and Empire
isaeCLAS1640Introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy
isaeCLAS1650Introduction to Classical Archaeology
isaskeCLAS1800Ancient Greek Grammatical Analysis
isaskeCLAS1801Fast-Track Ancient Greek 1
isaskeCLAS1802Fast-Track Ancient Greek 2
isaskeCLAS1900Latin Grammatical Analysis
isaskeCLAS1901Fast-Track Latin 1
isaskeCLAS1902Fast-Track Latin 2
isaeCLAS2600Virgil's Aeneid
isaeCLAS2700Homer's Iliad
isaskeCLAS2801Advanced Ancient Greek 1
isaskeCLAS2802Advanced Ancient Greek 2
isaskeCLAS2901Advanced Latin 1
isaskeCLAS2902Advanced Latin 2
isaeCLAS3350Herodotus and the Beginning of History
isaeCLAS3360Ovid the Innovator
isaeCLAS3420Augustus and his Legacy
isaeCLAS3510Pompeii - Past, Present and Future
isaeCLAS3710Plato on Love
isaeCLAS3740Greek Religion
isaeCLAS3790Greek Tragedy
isaskeCLAS3803Specialised Ancient Greek Language
isaskeCLAS3883Specialised Ancient Greek Literature
isaeCLAS3900Roman Comedy
isaeCLAS3913Advanced Latin Grammar and Translation 2
isaeCLAS3923Advanced Latin Literature 2: Special Subjects
isaskeCLAS3970Ancient Magic

Department of Colour Science

Contact:Professor Long Lin
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 36735
isaeCOLO1010Introduction to Colour Science
isaeCOLO1070The Art and Science of Photography and Imaging
isaeCOLO1120Introductory Polymer Science
isaeCOLO1500Chemistry of Colour
isaeCOLO1510Colour Vision and Appearance
isaeCOLO1520Psychology of Colour and Design
isaeCOLO2500Foundations of Colour Science
isaeCOLO2510Colour Specification, Measurement and Communication
isaeCOLO2520Innovation and Product Management
isaeCOLO3530Materials and Products: Function and Properties
isaeCOLO3540Materials and Products: Coloration and Performance

School of Computing

Contact:Beth Hilditch
isaskeCOMP1006Effective Personal Computing
isaskeCOMP1016Computer Systems and Networks
isaskeCOMP1026Web Technology and Development
isaskeCOMP1036Computer Programming

Careers Service

Contact:Caroline Shingles
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 35293
isaeCSER1011Career Planning 1
isaeCSER1020Career Planning for Chemists
isaeCSER1021Career Planning 2
isaeCSER2101Career Development 1
isaeCSER2201Career Development 2
isaeCSER3010International Corporate Leadership 1
isaeCSER3020International Corporate Leadership 2
isaeCSER3202Advanced Career Development - Business Awareness 1
isaeCSER3212Advanced Career Development - Business Awareness 2

School of Design

Contact:Judith Simpson
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33749
isaeDESN1415Introduction to Photography (Digital)
isaeDESN1545Patterns and Culture
isaeDESN1610Design Management 1A: Design and Innovation
isaeDESN1633Colour and the Design Process
isaeDESN2610Design Management 2A: Diffusion, Protection and Globalisation
isaeDESN2633Colour: Art and Science
isaeDESN2640Design Theory 2

School of Design

Contact:Judith Simpson
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33749
isaeTEXT1020Introduction to Textiles B

School of Education

Contact:Sue Long
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 34671
isaeEDUC1001Processes of Learning: Thinking and Knowing
isaeEDUC1009Education in a Multilingual World
isaeEDUC1040Second Language Acquisition and Learning
isaeEDUC1050An Introduction to Analysing and Teaching English Language
isaeEDUC1117Understanding Child Welfare - History, Policy and Practice
isaeEDUC1172Children in the Digital Age
isaeEDUC1901The Social Child
 eEDUC2003Using and Doing Research
 eEDUC2071School Mathematics from an Advanced (Undergraduate) Perspective
isaeEDUC2080The Practice of English Language Teaching
isaeEDUC2090Language Description for Education
isaeEDUC2401Inclusive Education
 eEDUC2601Early Years and Primary Education: Context, Curriculum and Practice
isaeEDUC2602Social and Cultural Constructions of Childhood and Youth
isaeEDUC2901How Children Learn and How Adults Can Help Them
isaeEDUC3007Globalisation, Identity and English Language Education
isaeEDUC3030Language Learning Technology and Materials
 eEDUC3060Mathematics Education
isaeEDUC3550Child Welfare and Young Children
isaeEDUC3901Ecological Approaches to Child Development

English Language Unit

Contact:The Language Centre
Phone:(+44) (0)113 343 3251
isaeELU1002English for Communication
isaeELU1003English for Communication

School of English

Contact:Nicola Wildman
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 34719

For full module descriptions of our level 2 and 3 undergraduate modules (including details of preparatory reading, texts for purchase and required unassessed work) please see the Undergraduate Module Handbook in the English Organisation on the VLE.

Visiting and Exchange Students must read this information before selecting modules.

isaeENGL1080Icelandic Language and Culture I
isaeENGL1090Icelandic Language and Culture II
isaeENGL1140The Plays of Shakespeare
isaeENGL122020th Century Fiction in English
isaeENGL1250Prose: Reading and Interpretation
isaeENGL1260Poetry: Reading and Interpretation
isaeENGL2011Renaissance Literature
isaeENGL2012Civil War and Restoration Literature
isaeENGL2013The Medieval Renascence: Chaucer, Langland and the 'Gawain' Poet
isaeENGL2014Eighteenth Century Literature
isaeENGL2015Literature of the Romantic Period
 eENGL2022English in Time and Space
isaeENGL3011Victorian Literature
isaeENGL3012Modern Literature
isaeENGL3013Postcolonial Literature
isaeENGL3014Contemporary Literature
isaeENGL3020American Words, American Worlds, 1900-Present
isaeENGL3201Old English!
isaeENGL3203Gender, Body, Self and God: Late-Medieval Identities
isaeENGL3205Disposable Lives?
isaeENGL3207Shieldmaidens, Matriarchs and Monsters: Women in Medieval Scandinavian Literature
isaeENGL3208Arthurian Legend: Chivalry and Violence
isaeENGL32280Tragedy: Classical to Neo-Classical
isaeENGL3231The Poetry of Wordsworth
isaeENGL3238Encountering the Past: The United States through Other Cultures
isaeENGL3246Making Spectators, 1960s-present
isaeENGL3247Discipline and Punish: The Modern Prison on Stage and Screen
isaeENGL3248Pirates, Turks and Renegades: Staging the Mediterranean in Renaissance England
isaeENGL3249Literature and the Sea: The Seafarer to The Shipping News
isaeENGL3251Memorialising Slavery
 eENGL3274The Power of Language, the Language of Power
isaeENGL3330Danger, Domesticity and American Literature
isaeENGL3369Poetry, Language, Thought
isaeENGL3500Nation and Narration

School of Food Science and Nutrition

Contact:Clare Lewis
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 34647
isaeFOOD1050Elements of Human Nutrition
isaeFOOD1130Traditional Alcoholic Beverages
isaeFOOD1131Traditional Alcoholic Beverages
isaeFOOD2045Innovation and Design Principles for Foods
isaeFOOD2135Microbiological and Chemical Food Safety
isaeFOOD2160Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
isaeFOOD2165Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
isaeFOOD2300Energy Metabolism and Obesity
isaeFOOD3070Advances in Nutrition, Diet and Health
isaeFOOD3100Biotechnology: Traditional and Leading Edge
isaeFOOD3330Functional Foods
isaeFOOD3340Food and Cancer

School of Geography

Contact:Jamie Mullen
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33303
isaeGEOG1015Justice and Difference in a Globalizing World (Joint Honours)
 eGEOG1035Leeds: From the Local to the Global (Joint Honours)
 eGEOG1040Dynamic Landscapes
 eGEOG1045Living Planet
 eGEOG1055Environmental Change: Past and Future
isaeGEOG2002Population, Health and Wellbeing
isaeGEOG2690Geographies of International Development and Rebellion
isaeGEOG2710Retail Geography
isaeGEOG2750GIS for the Geosciences
isaeGEOG2780Practical Skills in Environmental Science
isaeGEOG2810Spaces of Citizenship and Belonging
isaeGEOG2820Cities and Regions; Analysis and Planning
isaeGEOG2850Ecology, Evolution and Global Change
isaeGEOG2870Atmosphere and Ocean: Interactions in the Climate System
isaeGEOG2880Natural Resources for Sustainable Development
isaeGEOG2890Water Resources
isaeGEOG2910Political Geography
isaeGEOG2930The Modern City
isaeGEOG2940Fundamentals of Geomorphology
isaeGEOG2980The Science and Management of Terrestrial Carbon
isaeGEOG3010Advanced Retail Planning
isaeGEOG3022River Ecosystems
isaeGEOG3030Tropical Rain Forests: Past, Present and Future
isaeGEOG3033Analysis of Populations in Space and Time
isaeGEOG3040Environmental Assessment
isaeGEOG3041Glacial Processes and Landforms
 eGEOG3062New Zealand Field Trip
isaeGEOG3090GIS for Urban and Regional Planning
isaeGEOG3091Geography of Natural Catastrophes and Disturbances
isaeGEOG3220Transnational Geographies
isaeGEOG3230Environmental Modelling
isaeGEOG3240Geographies of Consumption
isaeGEOG3320Management of Wilderness Environments
isaeGEOG3360Urban Environments: Towards Sustainable Cities
isaeGEOG3670Principles of Quaternary Palaeoecology
isaeGEOG3800World Cities
isaeGEOG3830Politics and Place: Aspects of the Political Geography of Modern Europe
isaeGEOG3950The Earth as an Integrated System
isaeGEOG3960The Geographies of Childhood and Youth
isaeGEOG3990Soils and Environmental Change

School of Healthcare

Contact:Zoë Gilchrist
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 31369
 eDAHS2003Introduction to Sociology for Health Professionals
isaeDAHS2019Nutrition and Healthcare
 eDAHS3001Inequalities in Health and Healthcare
 eDAHS3006Nutrition and Healthcare
 eDAHS3007Sociology of Health and Illness

School of Healthcare

Contact:Zoe Gilchrist
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 31369
 eDONE3003Psycho-Social Influences on Child Development

School of Healthcare

Contact:Zoe Gilchrist
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 31369
isaeHECS2008Healthcare Ethics and Law
 eHECS2089Sociology of Mental Health and Illness
isaeHECS3008Healthcare Ethics and Law
isaeHECS3037Madness and Murder
isaeHECS3189Media Depictions of Mental Health (Online)

School of History

Contact:Becky Williams
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 38747
isaeHIST1045Empire and Aftermath: The Mediterranean World from the Second to the Eighth Centuries
isaeHIST1060Faith, Knowledge and Power, 1500-1750
isaeHIST1090Medieval and Renaissance Europe
isaeHIST1210The Modern World
isaeHIST1631War and Peace since 1914
isaeHIST2003Barbarians: Goths, Vandals, Huns, Burgundians and Franks
isaeHIST2004Barbarians: Anglo-Saxons, Lombards, Slavs and Scandinavians
isaeHIST2030The Crusades and the Crusader States in the 12th Century
isaeHIST2031The Crusades and Medieval Christendom
isaeHIST2065The Tudors: Princes, Politics, and Piety, 1485-1603
isaeHIST2070The Counter-Reformation c1500-1570
isaeHIST2071Catholic Europe c1570 - c1648
isaeHIST2100Victorian England: Old England and Industrial Society 1837-1865
isaeHIST2101Victorian England: Aristocracy and Democracy, 1865-1901
isaeHIST2110The Cult of Saints in Medieval Europe c.400-c.1500
isaeHIST2120Environment and environmentalism in Britain, c. 1750-1972
isaeHIST2121Fraternity, Skill and the Politics of Labour, 1660-1870
isaeHIST2140Imperial Germany 1871-1918
isaeHIST2150France since 1944
isaeHIST2151Germany 1919-1945
isaeHIST2160Queens and Queenship in Medieval Europe, 11th - 15th Centuries
isaeHIST2170Patient Voices: Medicine and Healthcare in the Middle Ages
isaeHIST2180Heretics, Witches and Conspirators: Toleration and Persecution in Early Modern Europe
isaeHIST2195Britain and Decolonisation - from the Western Front to the Present Day
isaeHIST2210English History 1066-1216: Creation and Destruction of the Anglo-Norman Kingdom
isaeHIST2220The Body, Disease and Society in Europe, 1500-1750
isaeHIST229020th Century Britain: The Burdens of Conflict 1900-1945
isaeHIST229120th Century Britain: Progress and Uncertainty 1945-1990
isaeHIST2301The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union, 1921-1993
isaeHIST2305Mughals, Merchants and Mercenaries: 'Company Raj' in India 1600-1857
 eHIST2306Civilization of the Tsars: Late Imperial Russia, 1825-1917
isaeHIST2351The American Century, 1941-1980
isaeHIST2420Nationalism, Colonialism and 'Religious Violence' in India, 1857-1947
isaeHIST2430The History of Africa since 1900
isaeHIST2441Race, Gender and Cultural Protest in the US since 1865
isaeHIST2442Black Politics from Emancipation to Obama
isaeHIST2856From World War to Vietnam War, 1945-75
isaeHIST2875From Versailles to Potsdam: Conferences, Crises and Conflicts, 1919-45
isaeHIST3450American History, American Historians
isaeHIST3460Inventing the Barbarians
isaeHIST3470Memories: Autobiographies and Memoirs as Historical Sources
isaeHIST3480Emperor and Authority in Medieval Germany, 900-1273
isaeHIST3490The Reformation in Scotland, c.1525-c.1603
isaeHIST3703The English Reign of Philip and Mary, 1553/4-1558
isaeHIST3708Britain, The Empire and the Wider World, c. 1815-1914 (Part 2)
isaeHIST3709The Breakdown of Liberal Democracy in Europe, 1890-1945
isaeHIST3710Nazism, Stalinism and the Rise of the Total State
isaeHIST3721Europe's Communist Dictatorships: Totalitarianism and its Consequences, 1945-2000
isaeHIST3890European Security: Myth or Reality?
isaeHIST3900The Soviet Union in World Politics, 1917-1991
isaeHIST3999Doomed to Failure? European Great Power Politics from Bismarck to the Outbreak of World War I

Foreign Language Teaching Unit

Contact:Enquiries to:
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33245
isaskeFLTU1020Beginners Japanese
isaskeFLTU1021Elementary Japanese
isaskeFLTU1023Lower Intermediate Japanese
isaskeFLTU1103Beginners Polish
isaskeFLTU1301Beginners French 20 credits, Semester 1
isaskeFLTU1302Beginners French 20 credits, Semester 2
isaskeFLTU1303Beginners French 20 credits, Semester 1&2
isaskeFLTU1305Beginners French
isaskeFLTU1313Elementary French 20 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1320Lower Intermediate French 10 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1322Lower Intermediate French 20 credits, Semester 2
isaskeFLTU1323Lower Intermediate French 20 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1325Lower Intermediate French 10 credits, Semester 2
isaskeFLTU1333Upper Intermediate French 20 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1345Advanced French
isaskeFLTU1402Beginners German 20 credits, Semester 2
isaskeFLTU1403Beginners German 20 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1413Elementary German 20 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1420Lower Intermediate German 10 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1423Lower Intermediate German 20 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1433Upper Intermediate German 20 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1443Advanced German
isaskeFLTU1500Beginners Greek
isaskeFLTU1555Beginners Punjabi
isaskeFLTU1601Beginners Italian 20 credits, Semester 1
isaskeFLTU1602Beginners Italian 20 credits, Semester 1
isaskeFLTU1603Beginners Italian 20 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1612Elementary Italian 20 credits, Semester 2
isaskeFLTU1613Elementary Italian 20 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1623Lower Intermediate Italian 20 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1703Beginners Modern Hebrew
isaskeFLTU1800Beginners Spanish 10 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1802Beginners Spanish 20 credits, Semester 2
isaskeFLTU1803Beginners Spanish 20 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1805Beginners Spanish
isaskeFLTU1808Beginners Spanish 20 credits, Semester 1
isaskeFLTU1813Elementary Spanish 20 credits, Semesters 1&2
isaskeFLTU1820Lower Intermediate Spanish
isaskeFLTU1823Lower Intermediate Spanish
isaskeFLTU1833Upper Intermediate Spanish
isaskeFLTU1901Beginners Mandarin
isaskeFLTU1911Elementary Mandarin
isaeFLTU2353Advanced Plus 1 Year French

Department of Law

Contact:Kate Hall
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 37281
isaeLAW1045English Law: System, Contexts and Methods
isaeLAW1065Introduction to Criminal Justice
isaeLAW1075Introduction to the Law of Obligations
isaeLAW1095Introduction to Company Law
isaeLAW1136Understanding Crime
isaeLAW1140Principles of Criminal Law
isaeLAW1155Introduction to Comparative European Legal Systems
isaeLAW1165Crime and Social Exclusion
 eLAW2125Droit Français
isaeLAW2141International Human Rights Law
isaeLAW2146International Law
isaeLAW2160Employment Law
isaeLAW2230European Union Law
isaeLAW2330Family Law
isaeLAW2340Victims, Crime and Victimology
isaeLAW2350Victims, Crime and Restorative Justice
isaeLAW2410Cybercrime: Computers and Crime in the Information Age
isaeLAW2420Youth Crime and Justice
isaeLAW2515War Crimes and Genocide
isaeLAW3015Banking and Financial Services Law
isaeLAW3032Cyberlaw: Law and the Regulation of the Information Society
isaeLAW3050Discrimination Law
isaeLAW3115Gender and the Law
isaeLAW3126Medical Malpractice
isaeLAW3127Moral Dilemmas in Medical Law
isaeLAW3128Medical Law
isaeLAW3131Law and the Environment I: Pollution Control
isaeLAW3135Law and the Environment II: Development and Nature Conservation
isaeLAW3155Comparative European Legal Systems
isaeLAW3175Terrorism and the Law
isaeLAW3280Media Law
isaeLAW3370Commercial Law
isaeLAW3650Insurance and Risk Management

Leeds Skills Elective

Contact:William Patterson
Phone:+44 (0)113 34 35082
isaskeLEED1011Skills in Sports and Outdoor Activities - Theory and Practice (Badminton)
isaskeLEED1012Skills in Sports and Outdoor Activities - Theory and Practice (Dance)
isaskeLEED1014Skills in Sports and Outdoor Activities - Theory and Practice (Squash)
isaskeLEED1015Skills in Sports and Outdoor Activities - Theory and Practice (Table Tennis)
isaskeLEED1016Skills in Sports and Outdoor Activities - Theory and Practice (Tennis)
isaskeLEED1017Skills in Sports and Outdoor Activities - Theory and Practice (Canoeing/Kayaking)
isaskeLEED1018Skills in Sports and Outdoor Activities - Theory and Practice (Climbing)
isaskeLEED1019Skills in Sports and Outdoor Activities - Theory and Practice (Orienteering)
isaskeLEED1020Skills in Sports and Outdoor Activities - Theory and Practice (Multi Outdoor Activities)
isaskeLEED2001Coaching and Teaching in Sports and Outdoor Activities - Theory and Practice
isaskeLEED2003Teaching, Coaching, Ethics and Employabilty in Sports, Outdoor and other Physical Activities
isaskeLEED2004The LEEDS Award
isaskeLEED2007Sports Coaching
isaskeLEED2012The Olympic Games - Sport, Education, Business and Culture
isaskeLEED2030Outdoor Adventure - Mapping and Navigation
isaskeLEED2031Outdoor Adventure and Team Building

Department of Linguistics and Phonetics

Contact:Student Support Office
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33669
isaeLING3210Phonetics and Phonology of English

Lifelong Learning Centre

Contact:Jane Hanna
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 37446
isaeLLLC1040Creative Writing Workshop
isaeLLLC1047Writing Poetry
isaeLLLC1080Safeguarding Children - Family Support and Child Abuse
isaeLLLC1083The Development of Child Welfare
 eLLLC1085Introduction to Arabic Language
 eLLLC1304Islam in Western Societies
 eLLLC1311Basic Approaches to Managing and Resolving Conflict
isaeLLLC1321Women, Culture and Islam
isaeLLLC1330Leeds: Lives
isaeLLLC1331Stories That Form Us and Stories We Make
isaeLLLC1332Introduction to Islam and Music
isaeLLLC1359Global Conversations
isaeLLLC2060Child Welfare - Research, Policy and Practice
isaeLLLC2061Supporting Families? Analysing the Theory and Practice of Family Support
 eLLLC2222Violent and Sexually Offending Young People
 eLLLC2223The Application of Counselling Skills in Learning Settings
 eLLLC2228Using Stories to Develop Learning
isaeLLLC2239Writing Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
 eLLLC2246Teaching Skills for Support Staff
isaeLLLC2248Script Writing
isaeLLLC2249Writing Fiction
 eLLLC3953Advanced Creative Writing Project

Leeds University Business School

Contact:Samantha Robinson
Phone:0113 343 4754
isaeLUBS1000Innovation and Creativity in Business
isaeLUBS1010Understanding Social Enterprises
isaeLUBS1015Enterprise in Action
isaeLUBS1025Leadership in Business
 eLUBS1030Understanding Finance
isaeLUBS1120Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
isaeLUBS1125Economic Institutions (Labour)
isaeLUBS1140Principles of International Business
isaeLUBS1145Current Topics in International Business
isaeLUBS1170Introduction to Management 1
isaeLUBS1235Introductory Financial Accounting
isaeLUBS1240Mathematics and Statistics for Business and Economics 1
isaeLUBS1245Introductory Management Accounting
 eLUBS1255Managing Crises
isaeLUBS1585Economic Institutions (Industry)
isaeLUBS1755Business and Society (Combined)
isaeLUBS1760Business and Society (Organisation Theory)
isaeLUBS1765Business and Society (Social Theory)
isaeLUBS1775Research Methods for Management
isaeLUBS1850Organisational Behaviour
isaeLUBS1940Economics for Management
isaeLUBS1950Economic Theory and Applications 1
isaeLUBS2015Volunteering and Enterprise
 eLUBS2020From Study to Work
 eLUBS2025Enterprise into Schools
isaeLUBS2035Finance for Small Business
isaeLUBS2040Theories of Growth, Value and Distribution
isaeLUBS2045Entrepreneurship in Theory and Practice
isaeLUBS2050Industrial Economics
 eLUBS2055Academic and Management Skills
isaeLUBS2060Contemporary Industrial Relations
isaeLUBS2065Managing Innovation in Business
isaeLUBS2070Innovating Social Enterprises
isaeLUBS2140Intermediate Microeconomics
isaeLUBS2150People in Organisations
isaeLUBS2160Principles of Marketing
isaeLUBS2200Business Finance 2
isaeLUBS2220Management Accounting 2
 eLUBS2250The Football Business
isaeLUBS2400The International Economic Environment
isaeLUBS2420Business Economics
isaeLUBS2590Labour Economics
isaeLUBS2610Intermediate Macroeconomics
isaeLUBS2660Principles of Corporate Strategy
isaeLUBS2790Corporate Responsibility
isaeLUBS2860Managing International Business
 eLUBS2880Management Research Practice
isaeLUBS3001Gender and Equality at Work in Comparative Perspective
isaeLUBS3002Diversity Management
isaeLUBS3004Entrepreneurship and Innovation
isaeLUBS3006Social Networking for Enterprise
isaeLUBS3011Contemporary Issues in Economic Growth
 eLUBS3050Information Management in Organisations
isaeLUBS3065Controversies in Employment Relations
isaeLUBS3095Global Perspectives on HRM and Employment Relations
isaeLUBS3130Leadership and Performance Management in Accounting and Finance
isaeLUBS3470Financial Accounting Theory
isaeLUBS3540Auditing and Information Systems
 eLUBS3550Auditing and Assurance Services
isaeLUBS3570Current Topics in European Integration
isaeLUBS3785The Economics of Unions
isaeLUBS3800Transition Economies in the New International Business Environment
isaeLUBS3805International Business Management
isaeLUBS3855Strategic Human Resource Management
isaeLUBS3925The Political Economy of Work

School of Mathematics

Contact:Heather Ugarte
isaeMATH0111Elementary Differential Calculus (Version 1)
isaeMATH0212Elementary Integral Calculus (Version 1)
isaeMATH0360Introduction to Applied Mathematics 1
isaeMATH0365Foundation Probability and Statistics
isaeMATH0370Introduction to Applied Mathematics 2
isaeMATH0380Foundation Applied Mathematics for Business
 eMATH1025Number Systems
 eMATH1026Sets, Sequences and Series
isaeMATH1050Calculus and Mathematical Analysis
isaeMATH1055Numbers and Vectors
isaeMATH1060Introductory Linear Algebra
isaeMATH1225Introduction to Geometry
isaeMATH1400Modelling with Differential Equations
 eMATH1510Financial Mathematics 1
isaeMATH1715Introduction to Probability
isaeMATH1725Introduction to Statistics
isaeMATH2015Analysis 2
isaeMATH2033Rings, Polynomials and Fields
isaeMATH2040Mathematical Logic 1
isaeMATH2051Geometry of Curves and Surfaces
isaeMATH2080Further Linear Algebra
isaeMATH2090Real and Complex Analysis
isaeMATH2200Linear Algebra 2
isaeMATH2210Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
isaeMATH2340The Mathematics of Music
isaeMATH2365Vector Calculus
isaeMATH2375Linear Differential Equations and Transforms
isaeMATH2391Nonlinear Differential Equations
isaeMATH2410Special Relativity
isaeMATH2420Multiple Integrals and Vector Calculus
isaeMATH2431Fourier Series, Partial Differential Equations and Transforms
isaeMATH2450Mathematics for Geophysical Sciences 3
isaeMATH2490Mathematics for Geophysical Sciences 4
isaeMATH2515Financial Mathematics 2
isaeMATH2525Financial Mathematics 3
isaeMATH2600Numerical Analysis
isaeMATH2620Fluid Dynamics
isaeMATH2650Calculus of Variations
isaeMATH2715Statistical Methods
isaeMATH2735Statistical Modelling
isaeMATH2740Environmental Statistics
isaeMATH2750Introduction to Markov Processes
isaeMATH2775Survival Analysis
isaeMATH3024Homotopy and Surfaces
isaeMATH3033Graph Theory
isaeMATH3044Number Theory
isaeMATH3071Groups and Symmetry
isaeMATH3113Differential Geometry
isaeMATH3123Set Theory
isaeMATH3153Coding Theory
isaeMATH3163Computability and Unsolvability
isaeMATH3172Algebra and Numbers
isaeMATH3193Algebras and Representations
isaeMATH3215Hilbert Spaces and Fourier Analysis
isaeMATH3232Transformation Geometry
isaeMATH3355Hamiltonian Systems
isaeMATH3375Hydrodynamic Stability
isaeMATH3385Quantum Mechanics
isaeMATH3397Nonlinear Dynamics
isaeMATH3414Analytic Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
isaeMATH3451Introduction to Polymeric Fluids
isaeMATH3457Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
isaeMATH3474Numerical Methods
isaeMATH3475Modern Numerical Methods
isaeMATH3501Modelling with Fluids
isaeMATH3565Mathematical Biology
isaeMATH3714Linear Regression and Robustness
isaeMATH3723Statistical Theory
isaeMATH3733Stochastic Financial Modelling
isaeMATH3772Multivariate Analysis
isaeMATH3802Time Series
isaeMATH3823Generalised Linear Models
isaeMATH3841Introduction to Hidden Markov Models
isaeMATH3880Introduction to Statistics and DNA

Medical Physics, Wellcome Wing, Leeds General Infirmary

Contact:Andrew Shearing
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 37646
isaeMEDP2310Diagnostic Imaging: How Do We See Disease?
isaeMEDP2321Diagnostic Image Analysis
isaeMEDP3200Medical Imaging

Institute for Medieval Studies

Contact:Becky Williams
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 38747
isaeMEDV1070Anglo-Saxon Culture
isaeMEDV1080Religion and Culture in the Western Middle Ages
isaeMEDV3310Magic and the Supernatural in the Middle Ages
isaeMEDV3610The Age of Chivalry: The Idea of Knighthood in Medieval Europe, 1050-1450


Contact:Shareen Kininmonth
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 32831
isaeMICR1120Introduction to Microbiology
isaeMICR1201Introduction to Microbiology
isaeMICR1220Introduction to Immunology
isaeMICR2120Cell Biology of Disease
isaeMICR2121Molecular Virology
isaeMICR2220Medical Bacteriology
isaeMICR2221Medical Immunology
isaeMICR2222Medical Virology

Department of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies

Contact:Student Support Office
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33669
isaskeARAB1003Persian for Beginners
isaskeARAB1006Turkish for Beginners
isaskeARAB1015Arabic for Beginners
isaeARAB1020Arab and Islamic History up to 1517
isaeARAB1030An Introduction to Arab and Islamic Civilisation
isaeARAB1055Introduction to the Middle East
isaeARAB1100Introduction to Islamic Theology
isaeARAB2010Advanced Arabic Grammar and Translation
isaeARAB2020Essential Skills in Practical Arabic
isaeARAB2030Modern History of the Middle East
isaeARAB2040The Modern Arabic Short Story
isaeARAB2050Culture and Society in the Middle East
isaeARAB2065Zionism and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
isaeARAB2080Qur'anic Studies
isaeARAB2131The Art of Tajweed
isaeARAB2162History of Islamic Legal Theory
isaeARAB2880Contemporary Arabic Media
isaeARAB3001Arab Cinema
isaeARAB3010Arabic Stylistics
isaeARAB3020Advanced Skills in Arabic Language
isaeARAB3035Issues in Middle East Politics
isaeARAB3065The Politics of Inter-Arab Relations
isaeARAB3072Islam and Modernity
isaeARAB3073Muslim Intellectual Encounter with Contemporary Thought
isaeARAB3075Political Participation and Opposition in Contemporary North Africa
isaeARAB3080Qur'anic Exegesis
isaeARAB3200Arabic Dissertation
isaeARAB3888Advanced Media Arabic: Translation Skills in Text Typology

Department of East Asian Studies

Contact:Student Support Office
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33669
isaeEAST1051History and Culture of Imperial China
isaeEAST1052History and Culture of Early Imperial China
isaeEAST1053History and Culture of Late Imperial China
isaeEAST1263Japan in War and Peace
isaeEAST1265Japan: History and International Politics
isaeEAST1266Japan: A Cultural History from Buddhism to Murakami Haruki
isaeEAST1267Japan in a Globalising World
isaskeEAST1410Basic Mongol Language (1)
isaskeEAST1411Mongol Language 1A
isaskeEAST1420Basic Mongol Language (2)
isaskeEAST1421Mongol Language 1B
isaeEAST1430Chinggis Khan and the Mongol Empire
isaeEAST1440Mongolian History and Traditions
isaeEAST1600The Making of the Asia Pacific to 1945
isaeEAST1602The Asia Pacific Region since 1945
isaskeEAST1703Basic Thai Language and Culture 1
isaskeEAST1704Basic Thai Language and Culture 2
isaeEAST1705Foundations of South East Asia
isaeEAST1706Introduction to Development in South East Asia
isaeEAST1708History of South East Asia
isaeEAST2070Chinese History 1900 - 1979
isaeEAST2182Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers 1
isaeEAST2192Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers 2
isaeEAST2322Politics in Contemporary Japan
isaeEAST2323Japan's International Relations
isaeEAST2325Organisation, Management and the Economy in Japan
isaeEAST2326Japan's Environments and Environmentalisms
isaeEAST2327Japanese Business Now
isaeEAST2501Short Dissertation (1)
isaeEAST2502Short Dissertation (2)
isaeEAST2550Intermediate Chinese (1)
 eEAST2600Contemporary Southeast Asia
isaeEAST2704Intermediate Thai Language and Culture 1
isaeEAST2705Intermediate Thai Language and Culture 2
isaeEAST2708Thailand: The Emergence of a Nation State
isaeEAST2709Windows on Thai History
isaeEAST3061Post-Cultural Revolution Chinese Literature
isaeEAST3140Chinese Society
isaeEAST3190Visual Cultures in Modern Chinese Society
isaeEAST3252Modern Japanese History
isaeEAST3257Japan's International Cooperation: History, Context and Political Economy
isaeEAST3271East Asia's Regional Political Economy
isaeEAST3430Mongol State and Society
isaeEAST3440New Mongolia: Democracy and the Market
isaeEAST3500Undergraduate Dissertation
isaeEAST3520Chinese Business
isaeEAST3601International Politics of the Asia Pacific Region
isaeEAST3604Korea: Politics, Economy and International Relations
isaeEAST3702Religion in Japan
isaeEAST3703South East Asia in the Global Context
isaeEAST3704Development and Environment in South East Asia
isaeEAST3706The Making of Modern Southeast Asia
isaeEAST3707Buddhism: A Lived Tradition
 eEAST3732Advanced Thai Language and Culture I
 eEAST3733Advanced Thai language and Culture II

Department of French

Contact:Student Support Office
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33669
isaeFREN1010Language Awareness and Skills
isaeFREN1020Introduction to French Studies (Resistance and Desire)
isaeFREN1041The Sounds of French
isaeFREN1042Evolution of the French Language
isaeFREN1061Critical Questions: Approaches to Reading and Interpretation
isaeFREN1062Readings in Modern French Society
isaeFREN2010Language in Contexts
isaeFREN2060Aspects of French History 1789-1914
isaeFREN2080Laughter, Love and Chivalry: Society and Culture in the French Middle Ages
isaeFREN2090Politics and Society in France since 1945
isaeFREN2120The Foundations of Modern French Thought
isaeFREN2160Francophone Africa
isaeFREN2190The Age of Extremes: Culture, Crisis and Commitment between the Wars
isaeFREN2200The Seventh Art - Cinema in France
isaeFREN2250The Twentieth-Century French Novel
isaeFREN2290The Short Form in French and Francophone Literature
isaeFREN2320The Pleasures of French Poetry
isaeFREN3010Advanced Language Skills
isaeFREN3045Antiracism in France since 1945
 eFREN3375Social and Ideological Change in France since May 1968
isaeFREN3480Twentieth Century French Literature and the Visual Arts
isaeFREN3490Post-Holocaust Culture in France
isaeFREN3555Existentialism(s): Sartre, Beauvoir and Camus
isaeFREN3585Camera Lucida: Theory, Practice and Writing of Photography
isaeFREN3590Obscenity, Jokes and Disguise in Sixteenth Century France
isaeFREN3611Francophone Cinema - Postcolonial Images
isaeFREN3621French Culture and the First World War
isaeFREN3641The Algerian War of Independence: From the Colonial to the Post-Colonial
isaeFREN3651Contemporary Political Issues in France
isaeFREN3691Representations of the City
isaeFREN3711Francophone Voices - Textual and Cultural Analysis
isaeFREN3720Colonial Legacy - Postcolonial Conflict
 eFREN3730French as a Professional Language
isaeFREN3740Ecrire et s'écrire. Womens' Writing in France, 20th/21st Centuries
isaeFREN3751Gender, Sex and Cinema in France
isaeFREN3770Theory and Practice in French-English Translation
isaeFREN3780Symbolism and Decadence: French Literature in the Fin de Siècle
isaeFREN3810The Occupation in French Fiction and Film
isaeFREN3825Rethinking French Cinema: André Bazin and After

Department of German

Contact:Student Support Office
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33669
isaeGERM1030German Core Language 1
isaeGERM1060Introduction to Modern Germany
isaeGERM1070Approaching German Culture
isaeGERM2030Core Language 2
isaeGERM2040Applied German Language
isaeGERM2400Gender, Culture and Representation in German History 1871-2000
isaeGERM2600The Shock of the New: Culture and Power in Germany from the Second to the Third Reich
isaeGERM2700Freedom and Control: Identities in Crisis in German Literature and Film
isaeGERM2702Freedom and Control: Identities in Crisis in German Literature and Film
 eGERM3030Core Language 3
 eGERM3040Borders and Border-Crossings in Contemporary German Culture
isaeGERM3091Advanced Translation from German into English
isaeGERM3100W. G. Sebald and the Politics of Literature
isaeGERM3140War Imagined: Cultural Representations of War and Conflict in Germany
isaeGERM3750The German Student Movement

Department of Italian

Contact:Student Support Office
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33669
 skeITAL1010Italian Language
isaeITAL1024Italian Cinema and Film Studies: An Introduction
 skeITAL1030Beginners Italian 1
isaeITAL1034Art and Literature in Medieval and Renaissance Italy: An Introduction
 skeITAL1035Beginners Italian 2
 eITAL1040Italy from Fascism to the Present
 eITAL1075Italy in the Twenty-First Century
 eITAL1093Fictions of Fascism (A): The Family Album
isaeITAL2015Italian Language
isaeITAL2016Italian Language
isaeITAL2020Introduction to Dante
isaeITAL2095The Italian Renaissance: Ideals and Realities
isaeITAL2200Italian Cinema: Genre and Social Change
isaeITAL2300Italy: Regions, Identities and Nation
isaeITAL2400Tall Tales: An Introduction to the Italian Short Story
isaeITAL3010Italian Language 3
isaeITAL3020Dante, Purgatorio and Paradiso
isaeITAL3033The Making of the Italian Language: From Dante to the Present
isaeITAL3203From Pen to Press: Making and Reading Books in Italy, 1300-1600
isaeITAL3310'Giocare al Romanzo': Italo Calvino and the Novel, from Neorealism to Postmodern
isaeITAL3340Bad Christmas Films: The Italian Cinepanettone
isaeITAL3360Introduction to Dante: Inferno and Vita Nova (in translation)
isaeITAL3370Dark Italy: Italian Crime Fiction

Department of Linguistics and Phonetics

Contact:Student Support Office
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33669
isaeLING1070Linguistics 1
isaeLING1080Linguistics 2
isaeLING3030Syntactic Theory
isaeLING3140Discourse Analysis
isaeLING3180Language and Gender
isaeLING3190Language Acquisition
isaeLING3220Representation, Identity and Control
isaeLING3290Language Change
isaeLING3310Interactional Linguistics
isaeLING3320Phonological Theory
isaeLING3330Language Teaching: Linguistic Theory in Practice
isaeLING3340Instrumental and Auditory Phonetics
isaeLING3350Language Processing
isaeLING3360Experimental Semantics and Pragmatics

School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Contact:Student Support Office
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33669
isaeMODL1030Introduction to World Cinema 1
isaeMODL1040Introduction to World Cinema 2
 eMODL2001Linguists into Schools
 eMODL2005Linguists into Schools
isaeMODL2230From Film Noir to Asia Extreme: Questioning Genre in World Cinemas
isaeMODL3230Cinema in the Digital Era

Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies

Contact:Student Support Office
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33669
isaskeSLAV1010Beginning Russian 1
isaskeSLAV1020Beginning Russian 2
isaeSLAV1101Core Russian Language 1
isaeSLAV1102Developing Russian Language 1
isaeSLAV1103Text and Context: Introduction to Russian Literature
isaeSLAV1104From Icons to iPods: Approaches to Russian Culture
isaeSLAV2105Ideology and Imagination: Prose Literature in 19th Century Russia
isaeSLAV2107Not by Bread Alone: Everyday Culture under the Soviet Regime
isaeSLAV2109Postcommunist / Postmodernist Identities
isaeSLAV3108Religion in Twentieth-Century Russia
isaeSLAV3113Russian (New) Media

Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Contact:Student Support Office
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33669
isaskeSPPO1010Practical Language Skills in Spanish 1
isaskeSPPO1080Portuguese Language for Beginners 1A
isaskeSPPO1081Portuguese Language for Beginners 1B
isaeSPPO1083Intermediate Portuguese Language
isaeSPPO1084Intermediate Portuguese Language
isaskeSPPO1090Spanish Language for Beginners 1A
isaskeSPPO1091Pre-Intermediate Spanish Language (A2 of the CEFR)
isaskeSPPO1092Intermediate Spanish (B1 of the CEFR)
isaskeSPPO1140Elementary Catalan Language
isaeSPPO1160Introduction to the Cultural Production of Spain and Spanish-America
isaeSPPO1180Skills and issues in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
isaeSPPO1401Introduction to History, Society and Culture in Spain
isaeSPPO1402Introduction to Latin American History and Society
isaeSPPO1403Introduction to Latin American Art and Culture
isaskeSPPO2010Practical Language Skills in Spanish 2
isaeSPPO2090Portuguese Language Skills
isaeSPPO2390Spain under the Franco Regime, 1939-1975
isaeSPPO2410Culture and Society in the Portuguese-Speaking World
isaeSPPO2420Introduction to Writing in Portuguese
isaeSPPO2430Modern Spanish-American Literature
isaeSPPO2510Latin America since Independence (c1800 - c1930)
isaeSPPO2580Translation Theory in a Spanish<>English Context
isaeSPPO2590Catalan Language II
 eSPPO2630Liberalism, Revolution and Reaction in Modern Spain
isaeSPPO2640Things Can Only Get Better: The Role of the Arts and Cultural Policy in Spain's Transition to Democracy (1975-1992)
isaeSPPO2650The Spanish regional Melting Pot: the old same History?
 skeSPPO3010Practical Language Skills in Spanish 3
isaeSPPO3110Advanced Portuguese Language
isaeSPPO3240The Crisis of the Spanish Nation? Nationalisms and National Identities in Spain, 1868 - 1978
isaeSPPO3280Identity in Chicano/a Literature and Film
isaeSPPO3510From Toussaint to Obama: Resistance in the African Diaspora
isaeSPPO3530Catalan III
isaeSPPO3560Postcolonial Narratives from the Lusotopic World
isaeSPPO3580History and the Questioning of National Identity: Portugal reflects upon its Past
isaeSPPO3590Is Spain white? Nation, Immigration and Performance in Spain

School of Music

Contact:Nicki Sapiro
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 32546
isaeMUSI1811Popular Music and the Press: Analysing the Rock Media
isaeMUSI1812Planet Pop: Around the World with Music
isaeMUSI1813The Best of Broadway
isaeMUSI1815The Guitar and its Musics
isaeMUSI1820Musical Encounters
isaeMUSI1824Film Music: From Text to Interpretation

School of Performance and Cultural Industries

Contact:Tim Bentley
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 38710
isaePECI1601Performing Arts in Context 1
isaePECI1602Stage Management
isaePECI1606Exploring the Musical
isaePECI2202Dance in Context
isaePECI2302Arts Marketing
 ePECI2613Cultural Flashpoints in the Performing Arts

School of Physics and Astronomy

Contact:Jennifer Heaton
Phone:(+44) (0)113 343 3429
isaePHYS0016Thermal and Materials Physics
isaePHYS0025Waves and Particles
isaePHYS0035Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism
isaePHYS0040Physics Laboratory
isaePHYS1020Stars and Galaxies
isaePHYS1040Planets and the Search for Life
isaePHYS1141The Origin and Nature of the Universe
isaePHYS1231Introductory Physics (Geophysics)
isaePHYS1240Quantum Physics and Relativity (Geophysics)
isaePHYS1250Vibrations and Waves (Geophysics)
isaePHYS1270Quantum Mechanics and Electricity (Joint Honours)
isaePHYS1310The Physics of Materials: From Atoms to Life

Division of History and Philosophy of Science

Contact:John Hardy
Phone:(+44) (0)113 343 8949
isaeHPSC1010The Scientific Revolution
isaeHPSC1030History of Psychology
isaeHPSC1040Introduction to the History of Scientific Thought
isaeHPSC1050Darwin, Germs and the Bomb
isaeHPSC2111Reading Texts in the History of Ideas
isaeHPSC2115Introduction to Reading Texts in the History of Ideas
isaeHPSC2301History of the Body 1
isaeHPSC2302Technological Change in History
isaeHPSC2820History of Genetics
isaeHPSC2821Genetics, Eugenics and Society
isaeHPSC3111Science and Religion
isaeHPSC3151Methods and Themes in History of Science
isaeHPSC3301Science, Technology and Society
isaeHPSC3312History of the Body 2
isaeHPSC3700Philosophy of Technology

Department of Philosophy

Contact:John Hardy
Phone:(+44) (0)113 343 8949
 ePHIL1001Introduction to Philosophy
isaePHIL1002Introduction to Ethics
isaePHIL1005The Mind
isaePHIL1008Introduction to Logic
 ePHIL1009Introduction to Philosophy of Science
 ePHIL1040I Think Therefore I Am: The Philosophy of Descartes
 ePHIL2402Topics in Epistemology: Theory and Evidence
isaePHIL2723War, Terror and Justice
isaePHIL2724Philosophy of Film
isaePHIL2725Environmental Ethics
 ePHIL3201Realism and Representation in Science
isaePHIL3215Advanced Topics in Metaphysics of Science
 ePHIL3311Introduction to Philosophy of Biology
 ePHIL3320Philosophy of Biology
isaePHIL3322Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art
 ePHIL3851Introduction to Philosophy of Modern Physics
 ePHIL3852Philosophy of Modern Physics

Institute for Politics and International Studies

Contact:Georgina Horner
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 37028
isaePIED1100British Politics
isaePIED1200Contemporary Development Issues
isaePIED1211Making of the Global South
isaePIED1300European Politics
isaePIED1330Debating Europe
isaePIED1511International Politics
isaePIED1512International Politics
isaePIED1600Freedom, Power and Democracy: An Introduction to Political Ideas
isaePIED1805Contemporary Africas: History, Society and Culture
isaePIED2123The Conservative Party from Churchill to Cameron
isaePIED2160Spin Doctors and Electioneering
isaePIED2211Development and Social Change
isaePIED2216Gender and Development
isaePIED2220North-South Linkages
isaePIED2305Governing the European Union
isaePIED2328Making the European Union
isaePIED2428Politics and International Relations of Pacific Asia
 ePIED2440Politics in Russia
isaePIED2448Politics of Contemporary China
isaePIED2455State and Politics in Africa
isaePIED2463United States Politics
 ePIED2558Security Studies
isaePIED2600The Age of Ideology
isaePIED2610Nationalism in the Modern World
isaePIED2630Theories of Democracy
isaePIED2640Theories of Justice
isaePIED2720Approaches to Political Science
isaePIED2810Career Planning for POLIS Students
isaePIED3155British Political Parties
isaePIED3158British Foreign Policy
isaePIED3200Rural Development: Theoretical and Policy Issues
isaePIED3220Gender and Development
 ePIED3260Violence and Reconciliation in Eastern Africa
isaePIED3310Britain and the EU
isaePIED3323Environmental Politics and Policy in the EU
 ePIED3325Europe in the World
 ePIED3335Extreme Right Parties in Contemporary Western Europe
 ePIED3503Crisis Diplomacy: Coercion, Sanctions and the Use of Force in International Relations
isaePIED3505Dirty War: Insurgency, the State and Cities
isaePIED3521Political Violence
 ePIED3602Critical Theory
isaePIED3604Culture and Community: Theoretical Perspectives
isaePIED3610Feminist Challenges to Political Theory
isaePIED3810Video Games: Politics, Society and Culture

School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering

Contact:Claire McConnell
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 32380
 ePEME1700Topics in Nanotechnology

Institute of Psychological Sciences

Contact:Eva Cizkova
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 38458
isaePSYC1601Introduction to Psychology
isaePSYC1609The Psychology of Counselling and Therapy
isaePSYC1610Forensic Psychology
isaePSYC1613Sport and Exercise Psychology
isaePSYC1617Exploring Animal Behaviour
isaePSYC1618Psychology in the Media

Department of Sociology and Social Policy

Contact:Nicola Dowson
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 37938
isaeSLSP1010Sociological Analysis of Contemporary Society
isaeSLSP1022Sociological Thinking
isaeSLSP1080Deviance, Crime and Social Control
isaeSLSP1091Sexuality, Subcultures and Stigma
isaeSLSP1100Identity, Difference and Inequalities
isaeSLSP1110Introduction to Race and Ethnicity
isaeSLSP1120Central Debates in Welfare
isaeSLSP1130Social Welfare and Social Change
isaeSLSP2010Sociology and Social Policy Research Methods
isaeSLSP2020Crime, Law and Regulation
isaeSLSP2025Race and Hollywood Cinema
isaeSLSP2031Drugs: Society, Politics and Policy
isaeSLSP2040Disability Studies: An Introduction
isaeSLSP2050The Sociology of Gender
isaeSLSP2060Sociology of Health and Illness
isaeSLSP2084Racism and Ethnicity Studies: A Global Approach
 eSLSP2131Welfare and Crime: Continuity, Conflict and Change
isaeSLSP2140Gender, Race and Culture
isaeSLSP2170Emotions, Power and Contemporary Society
isaeSLSP2730Central Problems in Sociology
isaeSLSP2771Individual, Mind and Society
isaeSLSP2931The Sociology of the Environment
isaeSLSP2953Urban Disorders, Social Divisions and Social Control
isaeSLSP3010Approaches to Social Exclusion in Later Life
isaeSLSP3071Sexualities and Society
isaeSLSP3085Governing Cultures, Identities and Emotions
isaeSLSP3120Disability Rights and the International Policy Context
isaeSLSP3160Education, Culture and Society
isaeSLSP3210Organised Crime, Violence and the State
isaeSLSP3432Urban Regulation, Power and Difference
isaeSLSP3740Reading the Classics
isaeSLSP3910Discipline and Punish
 eSLSP3930Sociology of Consumerism
isaeSLSP3961Protest and Social Movements
isaeSLSP3981Globalisation and the Sex Trade
isaeSLSP3991Understanding Interpersonal Violence
isaeSLSP3995Ethnicity and Popular Culture

School of Earth and Environment

Contact:Martin Iles
isaeSOEE1010Introduction to the Environment
isaeSOEE1014Introduction to Environmental Science
isaeSOEE1015Introduction to Environmental Sustainability
isaeSOEE1034Natural Hazards
isaeSOEE1110Sustainable Development: Concepts and Case Studies
isaeSOEE1120Vertebrate Evolution
isaeSOEE1150Fundamentals of Geophysics
isaeSOEE1180Environment and Ecology
isaeSOEE1211Gold Mineralization
isaeSOEE1280The Atmosphere of Planet Earth
isaeSOEE1390Introduction to Business, Environment and Corporate Responsibility
isaeSOEE1400Introduction to Meteorology and Weather Forecasting
isaeSOEE1431Introductory Hydrology
isaeSOEE1450Environmental Politics and Policy
isaeSOEE2010Chemistry of the Earth
isaeSOEE2062Sedimentary Processes
isaeSOEE2110Introductory Oceanography
isaeSOEE2121Environmental Planning, Policy and Decision Making: Assessment Tools and Techniques
isaeSOEE2145Palaeoecology, Palaeobiology and Evolution
isaeSOEE2160Climate Change: Science and Impacts
isaeSOEE2165Climate Change: Society and Human Dimensions
isaeSOEE2170Water Quality
isaeSOEE2210Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics
isaeSOEE2370Poverty, Environment and Sustainable Development
isaeSOEE2401People and Plants
isaeSOEE2460Contaminated Land Studies: Integrating Business Skills and Science in Consultancy
isaeSOEE2481Atmospheric Pollution from Local to Global Scales
isaeSOEE3091Advances in Palaeontology
isaeSOEE3111Environmental Risk: Science, Policy and Management
isaeSOEE3190Earth Observations from Space
isaeSOEE3270Business and Sustainable Development
isaeSOEE3285Water Quality in Practice
isaeSOEE3410Atmosphere and Ocean Climate Change Processes
isaeSOEE3420Sustainable Development: Challenges and Practice
isaeSOEE3480Past Global Environmental Systems
isaskeSOEE3610Oceanography in the Earth System
isaeSOEE3630Strategic Energy Issues
isaeSOEE3680Socio-Economic Issues in Conservation and Management
isaeSOEE3700Practical Weather Forecasting

Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Contact:Student Support Office
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 33669
isaeSPPO1042The Historical Development of Spain and Spanish America

Sport and Exercise Sciences

Contact:Shareen Kininmonth
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 32831
isaeSPSC3211Land, Water and Air Based Outdoor Activities I

School of Theology and Religious Studies

Contact:John Hardy
Phone:(+44) (0)113 343 8949
isaeTHEO1000Jesus and Christian Communities
isaeTHEO1015Introduction to the Study of Islam
isaeTHEO1030Introduction to the Study of Judaism
isaeTHEO1070The History and Teachings of Jesus
isaeTHEO1140Religion in Modern Britain
isaeTHEO1175The Samurai and the Sacred: Aspects of Japanese Religious Traditions
isaeTHEO1180Varieties of Religion in Modern African Society
isaeTHEO2030The Hebrew Scriptures
isaeTHEO2070Introduction to the New Testament
isaeTHEO2090The Theology of St Paul
isaeTHEO2200Hindu Traditions to 1600 CE
isaeTHEO2250Sociology of Religion I
isaeTHEO2270African Traditional Religion
isaeTHEO2280Women and Religion
isaeTHEO2295Humanity in Christian Thought: Theological Anthropology
isaeTHEO3000Religion and Media
isaeTHEO3015The Hebrew Scriptures
isaeTHEO3040Ideologies of Hebrew Bible Texts and Readers
isaeTHEO3080The Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel
isaeTHEO3190Religions and Global Development
isaeTHEO3275The Theology of St Paul
isaeTHEO3285Race and Religion in Southern Africa: Apartheid and its Aftermath
isaeTHEO3290Modern Islamic Thought
isaeTHEO3295Humanity in Christian Thought: Theological Anthropology
isaeTHEO3305Hindu Traditions to 1600 CE
isaeTHEO3600The Theology and Practice of Interfaith Dialogue

Theology and Pastoral Studies

Contact:Charlotte Heslop
Phone:(+44) (0)113 343 3260
 eTHPS3460Moral Theology in Practice
 eTHPS3810Biblical Themes and Contexts
 eTHPS3840The Christian Tradition and Ways of Discipleship

Institute for Transport Studies

Contact:Luisa Nanovo
Phone:(+44) (0)113 34 36673
isaeTRAN1010Introduction to Transport Policy
isaeTRAN1020Instruments of Transport Policy
isaeTRAN2010Transport Economics
isaeTRAN2020Transport Land Use and Development
isaeTRAN2030Project Appraisal
isaeTRAN2040Transport and the Environment
isaeTRAN2061Transport and Society
isaeTRAN3031Public Transport Policy and Practice
isaeTRAN3040Physical Distribution and Logistics
isaeTRAN3050Topics in Transport
isaeTRAN3060Travel Activity and Social Analysis


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