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2019/20 Selected Undergraduate Module Index

School of Earth and Environment

Contact:Naomi Tickhill
Phone:(+44) (0)113 343 0611
d = discovery module
skd = skills discovery module
isa = available for incoming Study Abroad
  SOEE0011Introductory Geological Sciences (IFY)
isadSOEE1014Introduction to Environmental Science
  SOEE1020Ice Age Environments
isadSOEE1034Natural Hazards
isa SOEE1042Our Habitable Planet
isadSOEE1111Sustainable Development
isadSOEE1120Vertebrate Evolution
isa SOEE1135Foundation Chemistry
isadSOEE1150Fundamentals of Geophysics
  SOEE1155Geophysics Tutorial Module
isa SOEE1160Computers and Programming in Geosciences
isa SOEE1181Ecology
isa SOEE1302Advanced Mathematics 1
isa SOEE1312Advanced Mathematics 2
  SOEE1381Skills for Environmental Social Science
isadSOEE1390Introduction to Business, Environment and Corporate Responsibility
  SOEE1443Fieldwork and Tutorials 1
isadSOEE1450Environmental Politics and Policy
isa SOEE1460Environmental Science for Environmental Management
isa SOEE1475GIS and Data Analysis
isa SOEE1481Foundation Mathematics 1
isa SOEE1483Foundation Mathematics for Social Sciences
isa SOEE1486Foundation Mathematics 2
  SOEE1541Foundation Physics
isa SOEE1570Geology 1
isa SOEE1575Geology 1 for Geophysicists
isa SOEE1580Geology 2
isa SOEE1590Geology Tutorials
isa SOEE1600Geology for Petroleum Engineers
isaskdSOEE1610Introduction to Creating Sustainable Futures
isadSOEE2010Chemistry of the Earth
isa SOEE2032Personal Development for Careers in the Environmental Sector
  SOEE2041Advanced Mathematics 3
isa SOEE2050Deformation Processes
isadSOEE2062Sedimentary Processes
isa SOEE2095Research and Career Skills
  SOEE2096Advanced Fieldwork, Mapwork, and Study Skills
isa SOEE2106Fieldwork
isadSOEE2110Introductory Oceanography
isadSOEE2145Palaeoecology, Palaeobiology and Evolution
isadSOEE2160Climate Change: Science and Impacts
isadSOEE2165Climate Change: Society and Human Dimensions
isadSOEE2170Water Quality
isa SOEE2180Field, Map and GIS Skills
isa SOEE2190Time Series Analysis and Digital Signal Processing
isadSOEE2210Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics
isa SOEE2212Tectonophysics
isa SOEE2250Numerical Methods and Statistics
isa SOEE2310Tools and Techniques for Business, Environment and Corporate Responsibility
isa SOEE2355Energy Transitions: Technologies, Markets and Policy
isadSOEE2371People, Sustainability, and the Environment
isa SOEE2431Advanced Mathematics 2 for Environmental Science
isadSOEE2460Contaminated Land Studies: Integrating Business Skills and Science in Consultancy
isadSOEE2481Atmospheric Pollution from Local to Global Scales
isa SOEE2490Formation Evaluation
isa SOEE2500Petroleum Reservoir Engineering
isa SOEE2510Basin Evolution and Hydrocarbon Resources
isa SOEE2530Atmospheric Physics
isa SOEE2550Applied Geophysics
isa SOEE2560Reservoir Simulation 1
  SOEE2570Research in the Environmental Social Sciences
isa SOEE2580Gemstones
isa SOEE2590Mineralogy and Petrology
  SOEE2600Sedimentary Basins and Hydrocarbon Resources
isadSOEE2610Economics and Sustainability
isa SOEE2620Explosive Volcanism: Processes, deposits and resources
isadSOEE2630Fundamentals of Geophysics
isadSOEE2631Introduction to Geophysics
isa SOEE2640Advanced Field Work
isa SOEE2650GIS for Geoscientists
isa SOEE2661Advanced Mathematics 4
isa SOEE2670Environmental Impact Assessment
isadSOEE2680Environmental Policy and Governance
isadSOEE2690Managing Biodiversity
  SOEE2700Environmental Research and Career Skills
isa SOEE2710Data Analysis and Visualisation for Environmental Applications
isa SOEE3030Environmental Research Project
isa SOEE3040Easter Field Class (Geological Science)
isa SOEE3058Independent Geophysical Project
isa SOEE3060Advanced Sedimentology and its Applications
  SOEE3073Independent Field Projects (GS)
isa SOEE3092Applied Micropalaeontology
isa SOEE3102Isotope Geochemistry
isa SOEE3110Earth System Science: Biogeochemical Cycles
isa SOEE3112Environmental Risk: Science, Policy and Management
isa SOEE3135Engineering Geology
isa SOEE3151Dynamics of Weather Systems
isa SOEE3171Volcanic Processes
isadSOEE3190Earth Observations from Space
isa SOEE3200Practical Geophysics
isa SOEE3202Sustainable Consumption
isa SOEE3221Research Seminars in Geophysics
isa SOEE3250Inverse Theory
isa SOEE3260Global Seismology
isadSOEE3270Business and Sustainable Development
isa SOEE3282Groundwater
isa SOEE3287Catchment Processes and Management
isa SOEE3291Atmospheric Science Field Skills
isa SOEE3350Geoelectrics
isadSOEE3410Atmosphere and Ocean Climate Change Processes
isa SOEE3431Atmospheric Pollution: Causes, Impact and Regulation
isa SOEE3450Structural Geology
isa SOEE3460High-Temperature Processes in the Earth
isa SOEE3470Plate Tectonics and Geodynamics
isa SOEE3480Past Global Environmental Systems
isa SOEE3490Mountain Belt Processes
  SOEE3515Ice in the Earth System
isa SOEE3521Earth and Environmental Sciences into Schools
isa SOEE3530Global Geophysics
isa SOEE3560Field Class: Petroleum Reservoir Architectures
isa SOEE3600Ore Deposits and their Exploitation
isadSOEE3610Oceanography in the Earth System
isadSOEE3630Strategic Energy Issues
  SOEE3660Geology and Mineral Exploration in Northern Ireland
isa SOEE3670Reservoir Simulation 2
isadSOEE3700Practical Weather Forecasting
  SOEE3710Frontiers in Environmental Research
  SOEE3720Environmental Geology in Northern Ireland
isa SOEE3740Seismic Interpretation
isa SOEE3750Sustainability Economics in Practice
isadSOEE3760Terrestrial Biosphere in the Earth System
isadSOEE3771Sustainable Futures
isadSOEE3780Sustainable Development in Practice
isa SOEE3800Production Geosciences
  SOEE8001Professional Placement
  SOEE9001Study Year Abroad
  SOEE9002Study Year Abroad (BSc/BA)


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