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GEOG3555 Physical Geography Field Research Project

Module manager: Professor Andy Baird

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This module is not approved as an Elective

Module summary

The module is designed to give students an opportunity to design and complete a physical geography research project, bringing together skills learnt on the degree thus far. They will produce a brief research proposal. Their project will be finalised following feedback from staff. Students will collect field data in groups but will be individually responsible for processing, interpreting and presenting those data in the style of an academic journal research paper.


To enable students to:
1. Critically evaluate and synthesise relevant geography literature;
2. Critically evaluate research methods and results;
3. Write a concise research proposal that aims to make an effective contribution to the literature through field data collection and analysis;
4. Design and undertake field data collection in an intellectually challenging field environment;
5. Practically test and apply contemporary skills and theories in physical geography;
6. Increase understanding through active participation;
7. Present scientific results in a professionally competent manner.

Learning outcomes
1. Competence in design, planning and execution of an independent research project;
2. Appreciation of the challenges involved in performing scientific research in a field environment;
3. Fully evaluate the sustainability challenges in the environment studied and in carrying out field research.

Skills outcomes
1. Technical field skills in the measurement of a range of environmental phenomena and processes;
2. Technical computing skills, associated with data analysis and presentation;
3. Skills associated with planning field data collection and writing scientific reports.


The module will be taught as follows:
1. Introductory and briefing lectures;
2. Research proposal preparations (seminar/workshop);
3. Residential field course;
4. Research report writing and presentation.

Opportunities for Formative Feedback

During the seminar and one follow-up supervision, students will receive formative feedback on their project ideas that will form the research proposal. On the fieldtrip and in the follow-up supervision students will be given advice on their approach to data analysis and project write up. Feedback in both cases will be verbal and comments will not be made on drafts of the two pieces of assessed work.

Reading list

There is no reading list for this module

Last updated: 28/09/2023


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