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2023/24 Undergraduate Module Catalogue

LEED9000 Horizon Year Abroad

100 creditsClass Size: 60

Module manager: Ben Oldham

Taught: Semesters 1 & 2 (Sep to Jun) View Timetable

Year running 2023/24

Pre-requisite qualifications

A pass in year 1 of your degree, normally with an average grade of at least 60, plus at least 100 credits passed at level 2, including a pass in any modules required for progress. You must also have succeeded in gaining a place through the Study Abroad Office at an approved Horizon Year Abroad partner university.


MODL3150Intercultural Communication and Global Citizenship: A Critic

This module is not approved as a discovery module

Module summary

Information about the full portfolio of LEED discovery modules can be found at


Students will have gained a deeper understanding of the country in which they are studying; improved their foreign language skills and developed transferable skills in openness and sensitivity to diversity in terms of people and culture.

Learning outcomes
On completion of the module students will be able to understand;
- the culture of another country and reflect on similarities and differences with your home culture;
- have gained an international perspective;
- have developped greater skill in a foreign language, and insight into the local culture through knowledge of the language;
- have broadened their academic perspective through study of a range of subjects, which may or may not include their degree subject(s);
- have developed self-confidence, flexibility, resourcefulness, communication skills, organisational skills and other personal skills.

Skills outcomes
Owing to the nature of the Horizon Year and the flexibility of choice of subjects within it, it is not possible to specify particular subject skills which students will develop.


Students taking the Horizon Year Abroad must also study MODL3150, Intercultural Communication & Global Citizenship: A Critical Approach for the Horizon Year Abroad, 20 credits, which must be passed to gain an overall pass on the Horizon Year Abroad. Work on MODL3150 will start with an intensive course immediately after your semester 2 exam period in year 2 before you go abroad, and will continue on a distance learning basis throughout your year abroad.

At least a further 100 credits (translated into the local credit workload) will be studied at the partner university during the year abroad, normally including at least 20 credits studying a local foreign language.

80 credits will be studied in elective subjects which may enhance your understanding of the culture, history, native peoples, geography, language and/or literature of the host country. Such modules will normally be offered in English medium and may or may not include your degree subject(s). Modules should be chosen at an academic level which will complement and extend your knowledge, and not duplicate anything you have studied or will study at Leeds University.

To pass the Horizon Year, you will normally need to pass MODL3150 and the equivalent of a further 80 credits at the partner university. A re-sit opportunity will be available in the August following your year abroad, consisting of a reflective essay describing your academic, cultural, linguistic and personal development during the year abroad. Should it be necessary, a third attempt will consist of a repeat of the full year abroad at an appropriate partner university as a fee-paying student. Alternatively, you may request to transfer back onto the standard degree programme without the International suffix. In this case, a fail grade for the year abroad will still appear on your degree transcript.

Teaching methods

Delivery typeNumberLength hoursStudent hours
Support by Host Establishment00.001,000.00
Private study hours0.00
Total Contact hours1,000.00
Total hours (100hr per 10 credits)1,000.00

Opportunities for Formative Feedback

Progress will be monitored through reflective work as part of MODL3150.

Reading list

There is no reading list for this module

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