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2017/18 Taught Postgraduate Programme Catalogue

MSc Mathematics

Programme code:MSC-MATHUCAS code:
Duration:12 Months Method of Attendance: Full Time
Programme manager:Professor Jonathan Partington Contact

Total credits: 180

Entry requirements:

Upper second class degree or equivalent in mathematics, or in a degree scheme containing a substantial mathematics component.

School/Unit responsible for the parenting of students and programme:

School of Mathematics

Examination board through which the programme will be considered:

School of Mathematics

Programme specification:

The programme will:

- provide a solid training in mainstream mathematics;
- expose students to modern developments in mathematics;
- be flexible in allowing the student to take a broad range of options, including modules within pure mathematics, applied mathematics, financial mathematics, statistics and probability;
- reflect the research interests of the School.

Year1 - View timetable

[Learning Outcomes, Transferable (Key) Skills, Assessment]

Candidates must enrol on exactly 180 or 185 credits, with at least 135 credits at level 5M.

Compulsory modules:

Candidates will be required to study the following compulsory module:

MATH5000MDissertation in Mathematics60 credits1 Jun to 30 Sep

Optional modules:

Candidates will be required to study 120 or 125 credits from the following optional modules.

COMP3910Combinatorial Optimisation10 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
COMP3940Graph Algorithms and Complexity Theory10 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
COMP5940MGraph Theory: Structure and Algorithms15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3021Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics20 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3033Graph Theory15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3044Number Theory15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3071Groups and Symmetry15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3104Proof and Computation15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3113Differential Geometry15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3120Models and Sets15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3143Combinatorics15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3153Coding Theory15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3193Algebras and Representations15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3210Metric Spaces15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3215Hilbert Spaces and Fourier Analysis15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3225Topology15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3232Transformation Geometry15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3355Hamiltonian Systems15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3365Mathematical Methods15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3374Linear and Non-Linear Waves15 creditsNot running in 201718
MATH3375Hydrodynamic Stability15 creditsNot running in 201718
MATH3385Quantum Mechanics15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3396Dynamical Systems15 creditsNot running in 201718
MATH3397Nonlinear Dynamics15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3414Analytic Solutions of Partial Differential Equations15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3424Introduction to Entropy in the Physical World15 creditsNot running in 201718
MATH3458Geophysical Fluid Dynamics15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3459Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3474Numerical Methods10 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3475Modern Numerical Methods15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3491Discrete Systems and Integrability15 creditsNot running in 201718
MATH3510Actuarial Mathematics 115 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3520Actuarial Mathematics 215 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3531Cosmology10 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3565Mathematical Biology15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3567Evolutionary Modelling15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3620Fluid Dynamics 215 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3714Linear Regression and Robustness15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3723Statistical Theory15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3733Stochastic Financial Modelling15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3772Multivariate Analysis10 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3802Time Series10 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3820Bayesian Statistics10 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH3823Generalised Linear Models10 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH3880Introduction to Statistics and DNA10 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH5015MLinear Analysis 120 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH5021MPhilosophy of Logic and Mathematics20 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH5104MAdvanced Proof and Computation20 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH5113MAdvanced Differential Geometry20 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH5120MAdvanced Models and Sets20 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH5153MAdvanced Coding Theory20 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH5246MFields and Galois Theory20 creditsNot running in 201718
MATH5253MCommutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry20 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH5325MModels in Actuarial Science15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH5356MAdvanced Hamiltonian Systems20 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH5366MAdvanced Mathematical Methods20 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH5373MAdvanced Linear and Nonlinear Waves20 creditsNot running in 201718
MATH5376MAdvanced Hydrodynamic Stability20 creditsNot running in 201718
MATH5386MAdvanced Quantum Mechanics20 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH5395MAdvanced Dynamical Systems20 creditsNot running in 201718
MATH5398MAdvanced Nonlinear Dynamics20 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH5424MAdvanced Entropy in the Physical World20 creditsNot running in 201718
MATH5458MAdvanced Geophysical Fluid Dynamics20 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH5459MAdvanced Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics20 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH5476MAdvanced Modern Numerical Methods20 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH5492MAdvanced Discrete Systems and Integrability20 creditsNot running in 201718
MATH5566MAdvanced Mathematical Biology20 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH5567MAdvanced Evolutionary Modelling20 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH5714MLinear Regression and Robustness and Smoothing20 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH5772MMultivariate and Cluster Analysis15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH5802MTime Series and Spectral Analysis15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH5820MBayesian Statistics and Causality15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH5824MGeneralised Linear and Additive Models15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH5825MIndependent Learning and Skills Project15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MATH5835MStatistical Computing15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MATH5880MStatistics and DNA15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)

Last updated: 26/04/2017


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