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2019/20 Taught Postgraduate Programme Catalogue

PGCert Transport Studies

Programme code:PGC-TRN-FTUCAS code:
Duration:6 Months Method of Attendance: Full Time
Programme manager:Jeremy Toner Contact

Full-time students would normally be expected to complete this programme during the period of one semester (ie September- January or January-June).

For further information please or telephone (+44) (0) 113 343 5353.

Total credits: 60

Entry requirements:

Good honours degree (or equivalent experience) in a relevant discipline.

School/Unit responsible for the parenting of students and programme:

Institute for Transport Studies

Examination board through which the programme will be considered:

Institute for Transport Studies Exam Boards

Programme specification:

Year1 - View timetable

[Learning Outcomes, Transferable (Key) Skills, Assessment]

Compulsory modules:

Optional modules:

Students study four modules in total from the following:

TRAN5013MUnderstanding Travel Behaviour15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
TRAN5014MEnvironmental Science and Sustainability for Transport15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
TRAN5015MShaping Future Transport Systems15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
TRAN5020MPrinciples of Transport Modelling15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
TRAN5032MTransport Data Collection and Analysis15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
TRAN5050MPrinciples of Transport Economics15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
TRAN5060MWelfare Economics and Cost-Benefit Analysis15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
TRAN5072MPrinciples of Transport Engineering15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
TRAN5113MTransport Econometrics15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
TRAN5115MSustainable Spatial Planning and Analysis15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5162MGreen Logistics15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5171MAnalysing Transport and Society15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5181MPublic Transport Planning and Management15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5191MSystem Dynamics: Modelling Policy15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5210MTraffic Management15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5232MGlobal Transferability of Policies, Models and Methods15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5241MRoad Geometry and Infrastructure15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5260MTransport and Public Health15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5271MEconomics of Regulation15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5282MChoice Modelling and Stated Preference Survey Design15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5291MTraffic Network Modelling15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5340MTransport Data Science15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5350MTransport Modelling In Practice15 creditsNot running in 201920
TRAN5630MTransport Investment Appraisal15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5631MEconomic Appraisal and Economic Performance15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5691MTransport and Urban Pollution15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5750MTransport in Development15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5762MRoad Safety Management15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5912MTransport Integrated Project15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
TRAN5946MDeterioration and Maintenance of Pavements15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)

PLEASE NOTE: all modules are offered subject to a minimum level of demand and thus not all modules (particularly optional modules) may run in any given year. Please contact ITS for further details.

Last updated: 30/04/2019


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