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2022/23 Taught Postgraduate Programme Catalogue

MA Fine Art

Programme code:MA-AH/FA-FTUCAS code:
Duration:12 Months Method of Attendance: Full Time
Programme manager:Chris Taylor Contact

This programme is available part time (programme code MA-AH/FA-PT). Please contact the Programme Manager for further information.

Total credits: 180

Entry requirements:

Minimum of 2:1 at Undergraduate level in an appropriate subject area or equivalent experience and portfolio.

School/Unit responsible for the parenting of students and programme:

School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies

Examination board through which the programme will be considered:

School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies

Programme specification:

Programme Aims:
At the end of the programme students should be able to:

- recognise the equal importance of practical experimentation and theoretical reflection;

- increase critical and analytical skills and identify focus in studio work;

- undertake learning experiences appropriate to the development, critique and understanding of the professional artist within the post-modern environment;

- develop an understanding of contemporary art practice and discourses identifying and locating their own personal positions within the current context of art and theory;

- engage with a wide variety of practical and theoretical concerns in the production, distribution and criticism of art work;

- organise, prepare, curate, mount, and document an exhibition of practical work produced during the course;

- work effectively in a group situation being able to organise and implement the variety of practical and professional skills required to mount such an exhibition.

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[Learning Outcomes, Transferable (Key) Skills, Assessment]

Compulsory modules:

Candidates will be required to study the following compulsory modules:

ARTF5007MMA Exhibition50 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
ARTF5101MAdvanced Research Skills 15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
ARTF5102MAdvanced Research Skills 25 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
ARTF5217MMA Fine Art Dissertation30 credits1 Jan to 30 Jun
ARTF5551MStudio Practice60 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)

Optional modules:

Candidates will be required to study 30 credits from the MA optional array approved by the School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies below:

ARTF5000MAfrica Displaying / Displaying Africa30 creditsNot running in 202223
ARTF5001MDerrida and Deconstruction30 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
ARTF5003MReading Sexual Difference30 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
ARTF5009MMaking Sense of Sound30 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
ARTF5011MJewish Museums and the Display of Cultural Difference30 creditsNot running in 202223
ARTF5012MThe Margins of Medieval Art30 creditsNot running in 202223
ARTF5028MIndependent Directed Study (for full-time students)30 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
ARTF5031MUnfinished Business: Trauma, Cultural Memory and the Holocaust30 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
ARTF5032MMovies, Migrants and Diasporas30 creditsNot running in 202223
ARTF5051MIntersecting Practices: Questioning the Intersection of Contemporary Art and Heritage30 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
ARTF5052MAdventures in the Archive30 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
ARTF5059MCritical Approaches to Photography30 creditsNot running in 202223
ARTF5063MPostcolonial Feminisms30 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
ARTF5069MArt & Money: the modern and contemporary art markets30 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
ARTF5071MEncountering Things: Art and Entanglement in Anglo-Saxon England30 creditsNot running in 202223
ARTF5073MThe Origins of Postcolonial England30 creditsNot running in 202223
ARTF5109MPrehuman to Post-Anthropocene30 creditsNot running in 202223
ARTF5111MArt of the Silk Roads30 creditsNot running in 202223
ARTF5189MProcuring Representation: Contemporary Art, East Asia, Gender30 creditsNot running in 202223
ARTF5191MAnthropology, Art and Representation30 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
ARTF5193MHumanity, Animality and Globality30 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
ARTF5195MUnmaking Things: Materials and Ideas in the European Renaissance30 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
EDUC5039MCreative Inquiry, Communication and Learning30 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
PECI5705MThe Costumed Body: Performance, Performativity and Politics30 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)

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