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2022/23 Taught Postgraduate Programme Catalogue

MSc Medical Engineering

Programme code:MSC-MECH/MEUCAS code:
Duration:12 Months Method of Attendance: Full Time
Programme manager:Dr A Herbert Contact

Total credits: 180

Entry requirements:

A bachelor degree with a 2:1 (hons) in engineering, a physical science, mathematics, a medical degree or allied subject with a background in orthopaedics.

School/Unit responsible for the parenting of students and programme:

School of Mechanical Engineering

Examination board through which the programme will be considered:

Via the Examination Procedures of the School of Mechanical Engineering

Programme specification:

Graduates should have advanced level knowledge and understanding of current technology and research issues in the following areas:
- modern computational and experimental techniques;
- anatomical and physiological measurements;
- orthopaedic, solid mechanics and cardiovascular fluid mechanics;
- biomaterials; and biotribology.

Graduates should have completed an advanced level project of either a computational, experimental or theoretical nature in a selected area of medical engineering or biomechanics.

In completing this project and passing the taught course modules the participants will have demonstrated their ability to:
- deal with complex and contradictory knowledge, critically analyse complex problems,
- be able to develop new approaches to problem solving,
- be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing in a multidisciplinary environment and
- be confident in the use of IT for data analysis and presentation.

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[Learning Outcomes, Transferable (Key) Skills, Assessment]

Compulsory modules:

Students are required to study the following compulsory modules:

MECH5465MExperimental Methods and Analysis15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MECH5845MProfessional Project60 creditsSep to Aug
MECH5880MTeam Design Project15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)

Optional modules:

Students are required to select either 30 or 45 credits of Advanced Engineering Skills modules:

BIOL5132MTissue Engineering15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MECH5315MEngineering Computational Methods15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MECH5490MBiomaterials15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MECH5680MAdvanced Finite Element Analysis15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MECH5770MComputational Fluid Dynamics Analysis15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)

Students are required to select either a further 45 or 60 credits from the following optional modules:

ELEC5650MMedical Electronics and E-Health15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
LUBS5247MManaging for Innovation15 credits1 Sep to 31 Jan (adv yr), Semester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MECH5210MStructure and Functional Biomechanics15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)
MECH5221MSpinal Biomechanics and Instrumentation (Distance Learning)15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MECH5390MTribology and Surface Engineering15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MECH5500MFunctional Joint Replacement Technology15 creditsSemester 2 (Jan to Jun)
MECH5605MBiomechatronics and Medical Robotics15 creditsSemester 1 (Sep to Jan)

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