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MSc Political Science

Year 1

(Award available for year: Master of Science)

Learning outcomes

Understanding of the relationships between theoretical models/abstractions and political practice Critically and creatively evaluate current issues in research in political science.

Transferable (key) skills

Masters (Taught), Postgraduate Diploma & Postgraduate Certificate students will have had the opportunity to acquire the following abilities as defined in the modules specified for the programme:

Capacity to evaluate their own research methods, theories, analysis and conclusions, and to evaluate the same in political science scholarship more generally.

Independent learning and the ability to work in a way which ensures continuing development of research
skills and knowledge within the discipline of political science;


 Demonstrating the ability to apply breadth and depth of knowledge within political science to specific topics and cases
 Drawing on a range of perspectives within political science
 Evaluating and criticising received opinion and dominant approaches within a range of political science sub-fields


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