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BA Journalism

Year 2

(Award available for year: Diploma of Higher Education)

Learning outcomes

On completion of the year/programme students should have provided evidence of being able to:
- Demonstrate intermediate level news production skills as appropriate for the medium and context.
- Conduct increasingly advanced journalistic investigations, including those requiring critical interpretation of information, and integrate this into the creation of a range of journalistic products for different audiences
- Engage critically with key concepts, theories and scholars in journalism studies
- Work effectively both individually and as a member of a team
- Demonstrate understanding of key concepts and debates in journalism ethics and explain the importance of ethics to the work of a journalist
- Effectively communicate information, arguments and analysis in a variety of forms
- Demonstrate an awareness of one or more related specialist areas of journalism, media or communication scholarship
- Draw on research to present coherent and increasingly sophisticated arguments in the context of journalism, media or communications scholarship
- Demonstrate an understanding of, and the ability to apply, different research methods to study journalism. This includes an understanding of the link between journalism practice and research.

Transferable (key) skills

qualities and transferable skills necessary for employment related to the subject area(s) studied including an understanding of the principles and practices of news selection and production across a range of media
- skills necessary for the exercising of personal responsibility including an understanding of journalism ethics
- The ability to work independently and as a member of a team, to prioritise tasks and work effectively to deadlines and briefs
- The ability to conduct journalistic research tasks, including the ability to critically evaluate information and seek alternative perspectives


Achievement will be assessed by a variety of methods in accordance with the learning outcomes of the modules specified for the year/programme. Please see the attached mapping documents that set out where programme learning outcomes are assessed within modules.


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