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BA Cultural and Media Studies

Year 2

(Award available for year: Diploma of Higher Education)

Learning outcomes

On completion of the programme, students will have developed:

- an understanding of the social, cultural and political histories from which different media and cultural institutions, modes of communication, practices and structures have emerged.
- an understanding of the interconnectedness of texts and contexts, and of the shifting configurations of culture, media and art.
- an understanding of the historical evolution of particular genres, aesthetic traditions and forms, and of their current characteristics and possible future developments.
- an understanding of the ways in which identities are constructed and contested through engagements with culture and its mediations.
- an understanding of the uncertainty, ambiguity and limitations of knowledge.
- an ability to initiate, develop and realise distinctive and creative work within various forms of writing (analytical, creative, aural, visual, electronic, digital etc).
- the ability to evaluate and draw upon the range of sources and the conceptual frameworks appropriate to research in the chosen area.
- The ability to draw upon and bring together ideas from different sources of knowledge and from different academic disciplines.


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