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BA Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Year 3

Learning outcomes

- consolidate those academic and transferrable skills acquired in the first two years of the programme through a 9-month stay in a Spanish-speaking or Portuguese-speaking country, as a student at an accredited university, as a British Council Teaching Assistant, or on a work placement approved by the Departmental Year Abroad Committee prior to departure.

Transferable (key) skills

- qualities and transferable skills necessary for employment related to the subject area(s) studied;
- skills necessary for the communication of information;
- skills necessary for the exercising of personal responsibility and decision making.


- for those studying at a university: passing an appropriate number of credits at the institution
- for those working as a British Council Teaching Assistant: an appropriate reference written by the head of the institution at which the student was Teaching Assistant
- for those who obtain a Work Placement: an appropriate reference written by a senior member of staff at the place of work.


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