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MBChB Medicine and Surgery

Year 4

Learning outcomes

Level 4 credits = 120

Learning outcomes for this programme can be found by accessing at the Requirements of General Medical Council (GMC) ‘Outcomes for Graduates’ 2018

Transferable (key) skills

Transferable (Key) Skills: The Extended Student Research and Evaluation Project (ESREP) is a core part of the MBChB programme, aimed at providing medical students with the opportunity to acquire, develop, and apply research and evaluation skills. RESS maps directly to Outcome 3 of Outcomes for Graduates (GMC 2018): `Professional Knowledge: We expect newly qualified doctors to demonstrate their knowledge through scholarly application to the care of patients in practice'. This is achieved through engagement with the following:

A. Research and evaluation methods
B. Information retrieval and evidence gathering
C. Critical analysis and review
D. Data capture and processing
E. Interpreting research implications
F. Communicating research and evaluation outcomes


Both formative and summative assessments are employed and a variety of methods are used in accordance with the learning outcomes of the ICU.

These include:
- Integrated MSQ and EMQ assessments
- Practical skills assessment
- Written reports
- Observed and videoed interviews
- Work based assessment.


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