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LLB Law with German Law

Year 3

Learning outcomes

On completion of the year students should have:
- enhanced their knowledge of German law;
- practiced and developed their linguistic skills in German, including legal German (in oral and aural proficiency, in context-sensitive communication skills, and in written language skills);
- extended their knowledge of German culture and allowed them to place their study of German law within that wider context;
- experienced German culture and German legal culture first hand and gained intercultural competence.

Transferable (key) skills

Students will have had the opportunity to:
- Develop skills of legal analysis, reasoning and writing appropriate within the German legal system;
- Learn to cope with different educational, learning and assessment styles;
- Adapt to a different environment and problem solve as part of that adaptation
- Reflect on cultural difference, and their own positioning with that difference
- Communicate effectively in German, in both formal and informal registers


Achievement will be assessed by the host university, using their own assessment strategy. In addition, students will be assessed via a series of submitted reflections, which require them to consider issues of cultural, educational and legal difference.


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