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MEng, BEng Chemical and Energy Engineering

Year 3

(Award available for year: Bachelor of Engineering)

Learning outcomes

On completion of the year, students should:

- have a detailed knowledge and understanding of a range of chemical and energy engineering topics, including reaction engineering, separation processes, combustion theory and processes, sustainable energy processes and engineering thermodynamics;
- be capable of undertaking a group project involving the detailed design of an energy operation and be able to plan, execute and evaluate the results from an appropriate programme of work, as well as reporting their findings in both written and verbal form;
- be able to deploy accurate standards of analysis and enquiry involved in chemical and energy engineering;
- be capable of describing and commenting on particular aspects of research in chemical and energy engineering and make use of appropriate scholarly reviews and other sources of information;
- be able to conform to professional and chemical and energy engineering-specific boundaries as appropriate.

Transferable (key) skills

Students will have had the opportunity to acquire, as defined in the modules specified for the programme:

- the transferable/key/generic skills necessary for employment related to the area(s) studied;
- the exercise of initiative and personal responsibility;
- the deployment of decision making skills in complex and unpredictable situations;
- the communication of information, ideas, problems and solutions in a variety of ways to a variety of audiences;
- the ability to undertake appropriate further training of a professional or equivalent nature.


Achievement will be assessed by a variety of methods in accordance with the learning outcomes of the modules specified for the year/programme and will include:

- demonstrating the ability top apply a broad range of aspects of the discipline;
- work that draws on a wide variety of material;
- the ability to evaluate and criticise received opinion;
- evidence of an ability to conduct independent, in depth enquiry within the discipline;
- work that is typically both evaluative and creative.


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