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BA Sociology

Year 3

(Award available for year: Bachelor of Arts)

Learning outcomes

On completion of the year/programme students should have provided evidence of being able to

- demonstrate an advanced understanding of theories, approaches and methods in sociology;

- synthesise ideas and evidence to formulate a compelling argument on a topic or research area that interests you;

- synthesise research, theory and contemporary studies in sociology and adjacent fields;

- work independently on a piece of research informed by sociological ideas;

Transferable (key) skills

In addition to the skills gained in years one and two, students should develop the following skills (as well as developing those gained in year one and two):

Critical Thinking

Ethical awareness

Working under pressure

Interpersonal Skills


Applying creativity and innovation

Negotiation Skills


1. Demonstrating the ability to apply a broad range of aspects of the disciplines;

2. Work that draws upon a wide variety of critically engaged material (i.e. showing the ability to evaluate and criticise received opinion.)

3. Evidence of an ability to conduct independent, in depth enquiry within the disciplines;

4. Work that show evidence of critical thinking (typically both evaluative and creative).


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