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BA Spanish

Year 3

Learning outcomes

On completion of the year/programme students should have provided evidence of being able to:

-consolidate those academic and transferrable skills acquired in the first two years of the programme through a 9-month stay in a Spanish-speaking country, as a student at an accredited University, as a British Council Teraching Assistant, or on a work placement approved by the Departmental Year Abroad Committee prior to departure.

Transferable (key) skills

Students will have had the opportunity to acquire, as defined in the modules specifed for the programme:

- qualities and transferrable skills necessary for employment related to the subject area(s) studied;
- skills necessary for the communication of information;
- skills necessary for the exercising of personal responsibility and decision making


Achievement will be assessed by a varitey of methods in accordance with the learning outcomes of the modules specified for the year/programme and will include:
- for those studying at a University: passing an appropriate number of credits at the institution;
- for those working as a British Council Teaching Assistant: an appropriate reference written by the head of the institution at which the student was a Teaching Assistant;
- for those who obtain a Work Placement: an appropriate reference written by a senior member of staff at the place of work.


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