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MSc Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy

Year 1

(Award available for year: Master of Science)

Learning outcomes

On completion of the programme students should be able to:

1. Identify, summarise and critically compare key theories, concepts and empirical research evidence within the fields of consumer analytics and marketing strategy (PA1);
2. Apply high-level analytical tools and techniques to scan and analyse the internal and external environments, and set appropriate marketing objectives and strategies in complex situations (PA2);
3. Develop their teamworking, along with other rich professional skills required for using consumer data to form and implement marketing strategies, such as thought leadership (PA3);
4. Demonstrate advanced independent research skills and analytical abilities in the fields of consumer analytics and marketing, along with the ability to develop research ideas and questions and to undertake analysis of data and written presentation of results for practice (PA3, PA4);
5. Develop and deliver professional quality oral presentations that distil insights from analyses of consumer data for marketing decisions (PA3, PA4);
6. Appraise the relative strengths and weaknesses of different quantitative methodologies in analysing different types of consumer data, and apply knowledge in managing the implications of applied research (PA4);
7. Develop a good understanding of contemporary topics in consumer analytics and marketing strategy and how the global landscape shapes the use of consumer data in marketing (PA5);
8. Take a proactive and self-reflective role in working and to develop professional relationships with others (PA6);
9. Apply ethical codes to the practice of consumer analytics and marketing strategy (PA7).

Transferable (key) skills

Masters (Taught), Postgraduate Diploma & Postgraduate Certificate students will have had the opportunity to acquire the following abilities as defined in the modules specified for the programme:

1. Numeracy and quantitative skills including data analysis, interpretation, visualisation and extrapolation;
2. Cognitive skills of critical thinking, analysis and synthesis applied to marketing strategy;
3. Effective use of consumer analytics for marketing strategy applications;
4. The skills necessary to undertake a higher research degree and/or for employment in a higher capacity in industry or area of professional practice;
5. Effective communication, both oral and in writing;
6. Self direction and effective decision making in complex and unpredictable situations;
7. Independent learning and the ability to work in a way which ensures continuing professional development;
8. Effective performance within a team environment;
9. Sensitivity to diversity in terms of people, cultural and business- and geography-related issues;
10. Awareness of the development of professional/disciplinary ethical norms.


Achievement for the Masters Degree, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate will be assessed by a variety of methods in accordance with the learning outcomes of the programme and will involve the achievement of the students in:
- Demonstrating the ability to apply breadth and/or depth of knowledge to a complex specialist area;
- Drawing on a range of perspectives on an area of study;
- Evaluating received opinion;
- Make sound judgements whilst understanding the limitations on judgements made in the absence of complete data.


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