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BA Liberal Arts(For students entering from September 2024 onwards)

Year 1

(Award available for year: Certificate of Higher Educ)

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate understanding of the basic concepts and techniques which are standard features of the discipline represented in your major, and to be able to interpret and evaluate underlying concepts and principles;
2. Apply critical thinking skills to the concept and principles of more than one discipline and identify the opportunities and challenges of interdisciplinary study;
3. Communicate clearly the results of your work, through presenting a basic argument that is well-structured and coherent;
4. Reflect on the appropriateness of various styles of communication when addressing different audiences;
5. Recognise and express knowledge and understanding, weighing up different arguments and perspectives and use supporting evidence and appropriate sources to form opinions, arguments, theories and ideas

Skills Learning Outcomes
1. Be clear, concise and focused in forms of communication, taking the views of others into consideration and tailoring your message for different audiences;
2. Manage your time and resources well, prioritise work efficiently and productively and being able to manage conflicting priorities to meet deadlines;
3. Express your own views and appreciate your strengths and weaknesses as a learner.
4. Identify when, why and how to appropriately acknowledge someone else’s work and ideas.


The Subject Specific and Skills Learning outcomes can be met through the Liberal Arts core modules and the major and topic modules, regardless of the optionality. The forms of assessment for Liberal Arts will differ across modules and will depend on which modules are selected by the student, but typically include a coursework essay. In the Liberal Arts core modules, we typically focus on alternative forms of assessments, including reflective logs, podcasts, portfolios and group work/presentations.
There will be a range of unassessed formative exercises, allowing students to make progress with the LOs and skills outside an assessment context. Opportunities for explicit discussion and support will be made available by module leaders in office hours and in routine meetings with academic personal tutors.


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