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BSc Microbiology(For students entering from September 2024 onwards)

Year 1

(Award available for year: Certificate of Higher Educ)

Learning outcomes

1. Describe and discuss fundamental concepts that underpin the study of microbial sciences, including microbiology, immunology, molecular cell biology and genetics;
2.Describe and discuss fundamental biological mechanisms that underpin all living organisms, from molecular to cellular, to organisms;
3. Demonstrate an awareness of the complexity and diversity of life and the interrelationships between organisms and with their environment;
4. Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of, and practical competencies in fundamental laboratory and computational techniques used for the study of microbiology, immunology and molecular cell biology;
5.  Apply laboratory safety, ethical and professional practices in a range of situations, in individual and in group contexts;
6. Design, implement and record outputs from simple appropriately controlled experiments.

Skills Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate skills in handling scientific information; including locating and selecting relevant information from appropriate sources and using it to solve problems;
2. Analyse and interpret quantitative data and concepts using simple analytical and computational tools;
3. Communicate scientific information in relevant formats.


We use a variety of assessment methods to help you develop and assess the specific learning and skills outcomes. At level 1 these include assessed practical work, involving basic skills and safety competencies, data handling and problem-solving exercises, multiple-choice tests, group work, essays, posters and oral presentations. There will be opportunities to complete practice questions and receive feedback to support learning.  


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