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BSc Microbiology(For students entering from September 2024 onwards)

Year 2

(Award available for year: Diploma of Higher Education)

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate an increasingly applied understanding of a range of pathogens (e.g. viral, bacterial) and impact on human health;
2. Demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the human immune system, response to infection and in treatment;
3. Show an advanced and evaluative understanding of approaches associated with diagnosing, treating and combatting infectious diseases;
4. Select appropriate experimental approaches to test hypotheses and apply a range of genetic, molecular and diagnostic laboratory techniques to safely study microbiology and the molecular biosciences;
5. Apply computational and statistical approaches to interrogate and analyse data and information including the effective use of large biological data sets.

Skills Learning Outcomes

1. Synthesise, and critically evaluate scientific information from diverse sources, to e.g. generate hypotheses, propose solutions and develop logical and well-reasoned arguments;
2. Use a variety of approaches to effectively communicate complex biological sciences information in various formats, both individually and in teams;
3. Understand and evaluate how microbiology can shape global contexts (e.g. pandemics) and how knowledge of microbiology contributes to addressing relevant global challenges.


We use a variety of assessment methods to help you develop and assess the specific learning and skills outcomes for each year. At level 2 these include assessed practical work, data handling and problem-solving exercises, teamwork, online and face-to-face discussion groups, computer-based simulations, essays, and oral presentations. There will be opportunities to complete practice questions and receive feedback to support learning.


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