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MA Digital Media(Part-Time)

Year 1

Learning outcomes

On completion of the programme students will be able to:
* Evaluate advanced critical theories relevant to digital media cultures, forms and practices from a range of different frameworks
* Critically analyse digital research methods, showcasing an awareness of the social, political and technological frameworks that underpin scholarly approaches to digital media research.
* Develop digital media outputs shaped by these theories and methods
* Reflect on their experience of digital media production, both individually and as part of a team.

Skills Learning Outcomes

-Advanced communication and critical thinking skills – communicate critically and effectively on a range of digital media theories, concepts and practices, through a variety of different mediums, including essays, reports and reflective pieces.

-Research skills – the ability to search for, use and evaluate different forms of scholarship on digital media theory and production to help strengthen the quality of academic work.

-Technical skills – the ability to develop existing technical skills on a number of different applications and platforms, as relevant to tasks set within core modules on the programme.


The approach to assessment on the MA Digital Media is varied, including portfolios, essays, group projects, creative outputs, as well as the 12-12,500 word dissertation.


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