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MSci, BSc Food Science(For students entering from September 2024 onwards)

Year 1

(Award available for year: Certificate of Higher Educ)

Learning outcomes

1. Develop broad knowledge relevant to the food and nutritional sciences, integrating chemical, biological, behavioural and social-cultural factors that underpin the relationship between food, health and wellbeing.
2. Develop a thorough background and understanding into the historical, cultural, social, economic and sustainability aspects of food in societies across the world.
3. Develop practical, professional, scientific and technical skills that can be applied to problem-solving tasks in industrial and other contexts.

Skills Learning Outcomes
Students will have practiced and started to develop skills in the following categories, as defined in the modules specified for the programme:
1. Work Ready Skills
2. Academic Skills
3. Digital Skills
4. Sustainability Skills
5. Subject Specific Technical Skills


A variety of traditional and authentic assessment approaches are used to support learning and progression through the course and to measure attainment of the learning outcomes and skills outcomes at each level.
The assessments reflect the needs of real-world and authentic problems encountered in the workplace and are developed through each year of the programme.
The course supports and encourages critical thinking and provides opportunities to receive formative feedback and for students to reflect on their performance to help them to progress and learn.
Assessments are designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles and embed equitable and inclusive practices to ensure a supportive and fair assessment framework is presented.
The assessments at level 1 support students in their learning journey and start to build key skills needed for future levels in the programme. Assessments have a range of formats in accordance with the learning and skills outcomes of the modules specified at this level in the programme.


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