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MSci, BSc Food Science(For students entering from September 2024 onwards)

Year 3

(Award available for year: Bachelor of Science)

Learning outcomes

1. Able to take a multidisciplinary scientific approach towards solving food product design challenges by applying appropriate procedures and scientific techniques.
2. Develop key skills for collecting, analysing, critically interpreting and presenting data within a clearly defined context and audience, including the use of digital tools where appropriate.
3. Demonstrate self-direction and an aptitude for reflective, life-long learning for the continued advancement of knowledge, understanding, and skills development within fields of food science.
4. Demonstrate ethical and professional practice by being aware of and upholding professional standards in food science.

Skills Learning Outcomes
Students will have developed and acquired skills in the following categories, as defined in the modules specified for the programme:
1. Work Ready Skills
2. Academic Skills
3. Digital Skills
4. Sustainability Skills
5. Enterprise Skills
6. Subject Specific Technical Skills


The assessments at level 3 continue to build on the knowledge and skills gained at level 2 and start to build a portfolio of knowledge and key transferable skills relevant to future career pathways within the subject discipline. You will synthesise learning, knowledge and skills developed in previous years through the design and development of a new food product, working in a multidisciplinary team alongside your peers. Assessments have a range of formats in accordance with the learning and skills outcomes of the modules specified at this level in the programme.


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