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MSci, BSc Food Science(For students entering from September 2024 onwards)

Year 4

(Award available for year: Master of Science)

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate problem solving aptitude through synthesis of knowledge in an independent critical enquiry.
2. Show independent proposition of hypotheses and design of investigation to solve a specific discipline related problem.
3. Apply key skills for collecting, analysing, critically interpreting and presenting data within a clearly defined context and audience, including the use of digital tools where appropriate.

Skills Learning Outcomes
Students will have developed and acquired skills in the following categories, as defined in the modules specified for the programme:
1. Work Ready Skills
2. Academic Skills
3. Digital Skills
4. Sustainability Skills
5. Enterprise Skills
6. Subject Specific Technical Skills

Competence Standards
The competence standards for the programme are:
1. Scientific Knowledge: Understanding and application of the scientific principles underlying the composition, structure, and properties of food and their changes during processing and storage.
2. Food Production and Safety: Understanding of food production and food safety.
3. Quality Assurance: Knowledge of quality assurance and control systems, and the ability to implement them in the food industry.
4. Product Development: Design, formulate, and develop new food products that meet specified requirements such as nutritional value, safety, quality, and sustainability.
5. Technical Skills: Application of laboratory techniques related to food analysis and food processing. This includes working with accuracy and precision to obtain data and results relevant to the skills being taught.
6. Communication Skills: Ability to effectively communicate scientific and technical information to a variety of audiences.
7. Problem Solving: Ability to apply scientific knowledge and critical thinking skills to solve problems in food science and technology.
8. Ethics and Professional Standards: Understanding of the ethical and professional standards of the Institute of Food Science and Technology and how to reflect on your own professional development.


In the final year, you'll synthesise learning, knowledge and skills developed in previous years through the capstone research project. This project will consolidate your research and transferable skills, which are key to all graduate roles and career paths. Assessments have a range of formats in accordance with the learning and skills outcomes of the modules specified at this level in the programme.


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