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MSc Business Analytics and Decision Sciences

Year 1

(Award available for year: Master of Science)

Learning outcomes

On completion of the programme, students should have provided evidence of being able to:

i. describe and critically compare, evaluate and apply theories, concepts, techniques, empirical research and current issues from the domain of business analytics and decision sciences [PA1, PA2]
ii. communicate a good awareness of current debates in business analytics and the decision sciences and their application, through critical appraisal of empirical and theoretical research [PA3]
iii. apply their technical and analytical skills, and knowledge of concepts, techniques and theories from business analytics and the decision sciences, in order to competently identify needs/problems, formulate and implement solutions, and evaluate outcomes [PA2]
iv. orally present information and argument clearly and persuasively [PA4]
v. present work effectively in writing, highlighting the contribution of business analytics and decision science perspectives [PA4]
vi. work effectively with others to solve problems [PA3]
vii. demonstrate ethical, global and cultural awareness when evaluating and applying decision science concepts in the real world [PA5]
viii. reflect on their own performance strengths, weaknesses and development needs, drawing on both personal reflection and inputs from others, and to plan effective personal development. [PA5]

Transferable (key) skills

Graduates of this programme will be able to evidence learning of the following transferable skills and attributes:

A. Communicate ideas (orally and written) in a transparent and professional manner [LO: i, ii, iv, v, vii];
B. Tailor communication (orally and written) to academic and non-academic audiences [LO: ii, v, vii];
C. Apply knowledge to solve a range of problems [LO: iii];
D. Undertake critical evaluation of work contexts [LO: iii, vi, vii];
E. Critically evaluate theory [LO: i, ii, iii];
F. Work effectively as a member of a team [LO: vi, vii];
G. Plan and design studies to evaluate theory and assumptions [LO: iii];
H. Gather data and information in practice [LO: iii];
I. Analyse quantitative and qualitative data sets [LO: iii];
J. Ability to learn independently and maintain independent professional development [LO: i, ii, viii]


Assessment of learning outcomes is mapped out on the assessment grid (see later). Overall, achievement for the Postgraduate Diploma will be assessed by a variety of methods in accordance with the learning outcomes of the programme. It will involve the achievement of the students in:
- demonstrating their ability to apply breadth and/or depth of knowledge to issues in business analytics and the decision sciences
- drawing on a range of perspectives on the application of relevant concepts
- evaluating received opinion
- making sound judgements whilst understanding the limitations on judgements made in the absence of complete data.


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