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MSc. Textiles Sustainability and Innovation

Year 1

(Award available for year: Master of Science)

Learning outcomes

1. Develop an advanced understanding of textiles technology and processes applicable in the field of apparel design technology.
2. Investigate current issues in textiles product development and propose intelligent strategies for sustainable innovation.
3. Critique the sustainability of textiles systems and distinguish the constraints, limitations, and opportunities for innovation.
4. Author research in the field of textiles sustainability and innovation by formulating hypothesis, developing appropriate methodologies, and interpreting advanced research findings.

Skills Learning Outcomes

1. Communicate ideas and arguments clearly using a range of verbal, written and visual skills.
2. Examine information, synthesise research findings, make connections and, where appropriate, propose solutions.


Formative feedback will occur through a combination of self-reflection, peer group and tutor feedback. Active learning will be encouraged through the use of peer group formative assessment and self-assessment where feedback is attained both through dialogue and self-critique. The use of digital engaging tools will also be part of the in-lecture formative assessment. Summative assessments will provide a measure of the extent to which students have achieved the learning outcomes of the modules.

Authentic assessment means relevant assessment; relevant in terms of contemporary contexts and also relevant to your personal interests and your future aspirations. The authenticity of assessment is an important consideration in how we design assignments and project briefs. This means that we think carefully about the relevance of assessment outcomes; not only in academic terms but also in terms of your chosen career path, skill development needs and the future of work in your chosen discipline. Where appropriate, there will be an element of choice in your assessment. Some projects will allow you to choose the focus and format of your submission.

In the School of Design you will be assessed through a variety of methods, these include visual 2D and 3D responses, portfolios of text and image, blogs, short videos, presentations as well as more traditional essays, reports and exams. Some of your assessments may be based upon collaboration with your peers. This collaboration could be in the development of artefacts, proposals and/or various forms of visual and textual communication in response to problem-based issues.


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