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Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Education

Year 2

(Award available for year: Postgraduate Diploma)

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this programme, you will be able to:

1. Demonstrate in-depth and advanced knowledge and understanding of digital education, informed by current practice, scholarship and research

2. Examine socio-political and historical factors influencing the use of digital technology in education contexts

3. Develop a critical understanding of current issues and developments, national and international policies and regulations that impact digital education, including issues related to privacy, copyright, and accessibility.

Skills Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this programme, you will be able to:

1. Apply a critical perspective to digital education research and practice in your own professional context.

2. Design pedagogically sound digital learning experiences that engage and support learners effectively.

3. Collaborate effectively online using a range of digital communication tools with other digital education practitioners

4. Use effective multimodal communication techniques to present information and construct evidence informed arguments relevant to your professional context

5. Demonstrate a range of self-regulation and distance learner skills and competencies including management skills, cognitive & metacognitive skills, self-efficacy and interaction abilities

Competence Standards
1. Demonstrate a critical perspective towards the theory and practice of digital education

2. Use digital tools and technologies to create teaching and learning resources

3. Collaborate with peers online using appropriate digital tools.

4. Take a proactive approach to developing one’s own skills in the effective use and application of digital education tools and technologies


Each module will take a different approach to assessment which is always related to your professional practice, enabling you to gain practical experience of presenting your work using a range of digital media


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