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2024/25 Selected Undergraduate Module Index

Institute for Politics and International Studies

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d = discovery module
skd = skills discovery module
isa = available for incoming Study Abroad
isa PIED1001The Politics of Global Challenges: Becoming an Independent Researcher
isadPIED1100British Politics
isa PIED1110Comparative Politics
isadPIED1201Global Development Challenges
isadPIED1212Making of the Modern World
isadPIED1511International Politics
isadPIED1551Power and Conflict - an Introduction
isadPIED1601Freedom, Power and Resistance: An Introduction to Political Ideas
isadPIED1806Contemporary Africas: Politics, Society and the Environment
isa PIED2126The Conservative Party Since 1945
isadPIED2139The Labour Party Since 1945
isa PIED2161Media and Democracy
  PIED2204Development Theory and Practice
isadPIED2220North-South Linkages
  PIED2235Politics of Development
isa PIED2250Latin American Development Challenges in Global Historical Perspective
isa PIED2301Politics and Policy in the EU
isa PIED2448Politics of Contemporary China
isa PIED2455State and Politics in Africa
isa PIED2463United States Politics
isa PIED2501Theories of International Relations
isa PIED2505Planet Politics
  PIED2559Global Security Challenges
isadPIED2601Revolution and Reaction: Political Problems in the 20th Century
isadPIED2602Justice, Community and Conflict
  PIED2706The UK Parliament: Between Tradition and Reform
isa PIED2711Analysing Data in Politics, Development and International Relations
isa PIED2721Approaches to Analysis
isadPIED3158British Foreign Policy
isa PIED3170The End of British Politics?
isadPIED3171The Politics of national identity in the UK
isadPIED3207International Development and Social Policy
isadPIED3261Violence and Reconciliation in Africa
isadPIED3305The Far Right in Europe and Beyond
isadPIED3325Europe in the World
  PIED3342Gender and Security in Global Politics
isa PIED3402American Foreign Policy
isa PIED3408Nuclear Weapons and Global Politics
isa PIED3565Terrorism: Concepts, Debates, Cases
isa PIED3590The Global Politics of Climate Change
isadPIED3611Radical Political Ideas
isa PIED3617Reimagining Politics: Gender, Race, and Popular Culture
isadPIED3640Ethics and Politics of Human Rights
isa PIED3650Global Political Economy
  PIED3704Advanced Statistical Analysis
  PIED3769Dissertation for Q-Steps Students
  PIED3771Parliamentary Studies (Placement)
  PIED3790Dissertation for Joint Honours Economics and Politics
isadPIED3810Video Games: Politics, Society and Culture
  PIED8800POLIS Industrial Placement (Full Year)
  PIED9900Semester Abroad
  PIED9912International Development Year Abroad
  PIED9970International Relations Year Abroad
  PIED9990Politics Year Abroad


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