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2021/22 Selected Taught Postgraduate Module Index

School of Education

Contact:Sue Long
e = elective
ske = skills elective
isa = available for incoming Study Abroad
  EDUC5039MCreative Inquiry, Communication and Learning
  EDUC5053MDirected Study in Education 1
  EDUC5054MDirected Study in Education 2
  EDUC5055MDirected Study in Education 1
  EDUC5060MGetting Started: Research Questions and Approaches in Education
 eEDUC5061MPhilosophical underpinning of educational research
  EDUC5062MQualitative data: processes of collection, interpretation and analysis
 eEDUC5063MIntroduction to quantitative data analysis
  EDUC5066MEducational Research in Context
  EDUC5072MDeafness and Development
  EDUC5078MPolicy and Practice in Deaf Education
  EDUC5079MProfessional Skills: Learning, Teaching and Audiology
  EDUC5089MTeaching and Learning - Primary English and Mathematics
  EDUC5092MEvidence-based Teacher Education
  EDUC5093MTeaching and Learning in Secondary Schools
isaeEDUC5256MTechnology Enhanced Language Learning
  EDUC5264MEducation in a Digital Society
isa EDUC5265MDigital Education in Practice
  EDUC5266MResearching Digital Education
  EDUC5267MDesigning Digital Education
  EDUC5268MResearching Digital Education (Examination)
  EDUC5269MDesigning Digital Education (examination)
  EDUC5270MDissertation in Digital Education
  EDUC5431MDissertation in TESOL (China)
  EDUC5435MDissertation in Deaf Education
  EDUC5610MSpecial Educational Needs: Inclusive Approaches
  EDUC5611MSpecial Educational Needs: Inclusive Curriculum
  EDUC5612MInclusive Learning in Educational Settings
 eEDUC5811MDevelopmental Disorders I: Dyslexia and Developmental Coordination Disorder
 eEDUC5812MDevelopmental Disorders II: Attention Deficit Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorder
 eEDUC5861MTheorizing Childhood and Youth
 eEDUC5862MResearch with Children and Young People
  EDUC5866MChild poverty and well-being
isa EDUC5867MChildren's family and personal relationships
 eEDUC5901MLearning and Teaching in TESOL
 eEDUC5902MInvestigating Language for TESOL
 eEDUC5903MLearning and Teaching Vocabulary
  EDUC5909MIntroducing a Task-Based Curriculum in Classrooms and Systems
  EDUC5912MGrammar, Learning and Teaching
  EDUC5913MTeaching Academic English
  EDUC5914MCorpus Linguistics in the Classroom
  EDUC5916MTasks and Materials for TESOL
  EDUC5919MCurrent Issues in Second Language Teacher Education
 eEDUC5927MAssessing Language Learning
  EDUC5928MResearch Methods and Dissertation in MA TESOL programmes and MA TESOL Studies
 eEDUC5931MAnalysing Language Learning
 eEDUC5932MAnalysing Language Teaching
  EDUC5933MLanguage Teaching Methodology
 eEDUC5934MAnalysing Language
  EDUC5981MTeaching Languages to Young Learners
  EDUC5991MApproaches and Contexts in TESOL
  EDUC5992MIntroduction to Second Language Acquisition
  EDUC5993MTeaching Oral and Written Skills for TESOL
  EDUC5994MLanguage Testing


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