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2022/23 Selected Taught Postgraduate Module Index

Leeds University Business School

  LUBS5000MQuantitative Methods
  LUBS5001MSecurity Investment Analysis
  LUBS5002MInformation and Organisation Design
  LUBS5003MPortfolio Risk Management
  LUBS5004MCorporate Finance
  LUBS5006MInternational Business Finance
  LUBS5008MAccounting and Organisational Performance
  LUBS5011MApplied Finance
  LUBS5017MAdvanced Financial Reporting
  LUBS5019MForensic Accounting and Finance
  LUBS5025MFinancial Modelling and Analysis
  LUBS5031MBehavioural Finance
  LUBS5035MCommercial Banking
  LUBS5050MFinancial Derivatives
  LUBS5052MInternational Investment
  LUBS5054MInternational Banking and Finance
  LUBS5062MAccounting and Finance Dissertation
  LUBS5072MCritical Skills for the Finance Professional
  LUBS5108MApplied Econometrics
  LUBS5138MEconomics Dissertation
isa LUBS5140MGlobal Economic Coordination and Governance
  LUBS5144MBehavioural Economics
  LUBS5146MMoney, Monetary Policy and the Global Financial Crisis
  LUBS5148MEconomics of Wellbeing
 eLUBS5202MRisk Perception and Communication
  LUBS5214MForeign Market Entry Strategy
  LUBS5217MGlobalization of Innovation
isa LUBS5221MEffective Decision Making
  LUBS5225MStrategic Management
  LUBS5229MManagement in Practice
  LUBS5231MManaging Global Logistics and Supply Chains
  LUBS5232MInternational Strategic Management
  LUBS5233MDebates and Controversies in International Business
isa LUBS5238MOperations and Supply Chain Management
  LUBS5247MManaging for Innovation
  LUBS5249MCreative Industries Management
  LUBS5253MAdvanced Management Decision Making
  LUBS5259MCross Cultural Management
  LUBS5261MCross Cultural Management
isa LUBS5267MInternational Business Theory
isa LUBS5268MEuropean Business
  LUBS5270MChinese Business
  LUBS5281MAdvanced Qualitative Methods
  LUBS5283MAdvanced Quantitative Methods
  LUBS5285MIntroduction to Research Design and Data Analysis
  LUBS5287MNature and Philosophy of Social Science Research
  LUBS5301MSustainable Futures: Climate Change, the Environment and Business
  LUBS5303MSustainable Futures: Climate Change, the Environment and Business
  LUBS5307MHuman Resource Management Research Methods and Practice
isa LUBS5308MBusiness Analytics and Decision Science
  LUBS5309MForecasting and Advanced Business Analytics
  LUBS5312MDesigning Information Systems
  LUBS5315MOccupational Psychology
  LUBS5318MEvidence Based Consultancy
  LUBS5320MTraining and Development
  LUBS5322MStrategic Human Resource Management
  LUBS5325MEmployment Law
  LUBS5326MDigitalization, Automation and the Future of Work
  LUBS5330MHuman Resource Management
  LUBS5334MEmployment Relations
  LUBS5337MGlobal Perspectives on HRM and Employment Relations
isaeLUBS5342MPeople Analytics: Strategy and Practice
  LUBS5346MData Analytics for Human Resources
  LUBS5347MHuman Resources Analytics Project
isaeLUBS5360MGender and Equality at Work in Comparative Perspective
 eLUBS5365MDiversity Management
  LUBS5376MHuman Resource Management Dissertation
  LUBS5379MSelection and Training for Human Performance
 eLUBS5381MThe Psychology of Effective Organizations
  LUBS5385MSystems Thinking and Consulting Practice
  LUBS5386MOrganizational Development and Change
  LUBS5393MManaging Performance and Developing Careers
  LUBS5395MResearch Design and Analysis
  LUBS5397MAdvanced Behavioural Research Design and Analysis
  LUBS5401MMarketing Dissertation/Project
  LUBS5402MConsumer Behaviour
  LUBS5403MMarketing Analytics
  LUBS5404MMarketing Communications
  LUBS5405MMarketing Communications
  LUBS5406MConsumer Behaviour
  LUBS5408MGlobal Strategic Marketing
  LUBS5409MGlobal Strategic Marketing
  LUBS5411MCorporate Communications and Reputation Management
  LUBS5414MCorporate Communications Strategy
  LUBS5418MMarketing Research Consultancy Project
isa LUBS5422MConsumer Behaviour Across Cultures
  LUBS5426MMedia Planning and Strategy
  LUBS5427MCorporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
  LUBS5432MBrand Management and Corporate Identity
  LUBS5433MBrand Management and Corporate Identity
  LUBS5435MPublic Relations and Corporate Communications
  LUBS5440MSales Promotion and Sponsorship
  LUBS5443MChange Management and Communication
  LUBS5444MSocial Media Marketing
  LUBS5446MPublic Relations in Practice
  LUBS5447MSocial Media Marketing
  LUBS5449MDigital and Interactive Marketing
  LUBS5450MMarketing Research
isa LUBS5451MMarketing Research
  LUBS5452MMarketing Research
isa LUBS5455MMarketing Communications
  LUBS5456MMarketing Communications
isa LUBS5462MGlobal Marketing
  LUBS5465MMarketing Strategy
isa LUBS5466MMarketing Strategy
  LUBS5472MInternational Services Marketing
  LUBS5478MGlobal Distribution and Supply Chains
  LUBS5483MThe Global Marketing Professional
  LUBS5484MThe Global Marketing and Communications Professional
  LUBS5491MSocial Media Marketing
  LUBS5493MThe Global Marketing Professional
isa LUBS5526MGlobal Perspectives on Enterprise
isa LUBS5527MEnterprise and Society
isa LUBS5531MCritical Entrepreneurship Studies
  LUBS5536MSmall Business Growth
isa LUBS5537MNew Venture Creation
  LUBS5579MBusiness Analytics and Decision Sciences Dissertation
  LUBS5584MCommercial and Professional Skills
  LUBS5586MQuantitative Analysis
  LUBS5588MManagement Consulting: Facts, Theories and Issues
  LUBS5590MManagement Consulting: The Consulting Life Cycle
  LUBS5592MResearch Methods and Practice for Consultants
  LUBS5594MManagement Consulting Project
isa LUBS5596MStrategic Change and Leadership
  LUBS5709MManagement Decision Making
  LUBS5719MInternational Business Management
  LUBS5737MStrategic and Entrepreneurial Management
  LUBS5740MEconomics of Strategy
  LUBS5747MGlobal Marketing Management
  LUBS5749MPeople and Behaviour in Organizations
  LUBS5752MGlobal Operations and Information Management
  LUBS5757MLeading in Practice
  LUBS5761MStrategic HRM and Talent Management
  LUBS5768MAccounting and Finance
  LUBS5854MExecutive Leadership Dissertation
  LUBS5866MMethods of Enquiry
isa LUBS5901MQuantitative Methods for International Business
isa LUBS5903MProfessional Skills for International Business
  LUBS5911MDissertation for International Business
isa LUBS5913MInternational Trade Environment
  LUBS5914MGlobal Business Immersion
  LUBS5916MGlobal Leadership
  LUBS5918MManagement of Global Value Chains and Multinational Enterprises
  LUBS5951MAcademic Writing for PhD Students in Accounting & Finance
  LUBS5952MDatabase and Data Management
  LUBS5953MEmpirical Methods for Accounting & Finance Research
  LUBS5954MCritically Assessing Research
  LUBS5956MPanel Data
  LUBS5957MApplied Decision Making
  LUBS5958MBehavioural Aspects of Management Decision Making
  LUBS5961MBehaviour in Organisations
  LUBS5963MEntrepreneurship and Enterprise Creation
  LUBS5964MMarketing for Management
  LUBS5965MOperations and Supply Chain Management
  LUBS5971MManaging Digital Information Projects
  LUBS5972MSocial Media Management
  LUBS5974MInternational Purchasing and Supply Management
isa LUBS5976MDigital Transformation Management
  LUBS5978MManaging Digital Business
  LUBS5980MInnovation Management in Practice
  LUBS5982MFinancial Reporting and Analysis
  LUBS5987MInnovation in Operations and Information Systems
  LUBS5988MResearch Design and Analysis
  LUBS5990MMachine Learning in Practice
  LUBS5991MCreating Effective Data Visualisations
  LUBS5992MDigital Information and Organisations
  LUBS5993MCSR, Ethics and Sustainability
  LUBS5994MCorporate Leadership, Strategy and Performance
  LUBS5999MPost Graduate Study Abroad


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