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2016/17 Selected Undergraduate Module Index

School of Music

Contact:School of Music SES Team
d = discovery module
skd = skills discovery module
isa = available for incoming Study Abroad
isadMUSS1020Understanding Music
isadMUSS1030Music in History and Culture
isadMUSS1110Music Research Skills
isadMUSS1324Ensemble Performance
isadMUSS1520Introduction to the Sciences of Music
isadMUSS1811Popular Music and the Press: Analysing the Rock Media
isadMUSS1813The Best of Broadway
isadMUSS1815The Guitar and its Musics
isadMUSS1820Musical Encounters
isadMUSS1824Film Music: From Text to Interpretation
isa MUSS2020Interpreting Music
isa MUSS2311Ensemble Performance for Visiting Music Students
isa MUSS2312Ensemble Performance for Visiting Music Students
isa MUSS2321Performance for Visiting Music Students
isadMUSS2324Ensemble Performance
isadMUSS2325Studies in Musical Performance
  MUSS2340BMus Performance
isadMUSS2420Notation and Editing
isadMUSS2520Aesthetics and Criticism
isadMUSS2620Music Technology Skills and Techniques
isa MUSS2721Music in Context A
isa MUSS2722Music in Context B
isadMUSS2725Music, Culture, Politics: the Sixties
isa MUSS2820Music in Practice
isa MUSS2822Music in Practice
isadMUSS2823Music in Practice
isadMUSS2920The Psychology of Listening and Performance
  MUSS2925Music Students into Schools
isa MUSS3040Analysing Music
isa MUSS3130Individual Project
isa MUSS3131Individual Project
isa MUSS3132Individual Project
isa MUSS3140Dissertation
isa MUSS3240Composition
isadMUSS3321Performance Platform
isadMUSS3324Ensemble Performance
isa MUSS3325Applied Project
isa MUSS3340Performance
isa MUSS3440Editing and Source Studies
isa MUSS3540Contemporary Aesthetics
isa MUSS3640Music Technology
isa MUSS3721Music in Context C
isa MUSS3722Music in Context D
isa MUSS3940Music Psychology
  MUSS3945Researching Music Psychology
  MUSS8000Music Work Placement Year
  MUSS9000Year Abroad
  MUSS9001Year Abroad (BA)


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