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2019/20 Selected Undergraduate Module Index

Department of Law

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d = discovery module
skd = skills discovery module
isa = available for incoming Study Abroad
isa LAW1030Contract Law
isadLAW1065Introduction to Criminal Justice
isadLAW1076An Introduction to Law: What is Law?
isadLAW1136Understanding Crime
isa LAW1141Introduction to Criminal Law
isa LAW1200Foundations of Law
isadLAW1210Principles of British Constitutional Law
isa LAW1220Constitutional and Administrative Law
isa LAW2040Company Law
isa LAW2066Criminal Law
isadLAW2091Criminology: Theories and Concepts
isadLAW2095Transnational and Comparative Criminology
isa LAW2142International Human Rights Law
isa LAW2143Foundations of International Human Rights Law
isadLAW2146International Law
isa LAW2147Foundations of International Law
isa LAW2160Employment Law
isadLAW2230European Union Law
isa LAW2270Land Law
isa LAW2330Family Law
isadLAW2420Youth Crime and Justice
isa LAW2427Competition Law
isa LAW2610Torts
isa LAW2620Law and Society
isa LAW3031Cyberlaw: Regulation of Information Society
isa LAW3032Cyberlaw: Law and the Regulation of the Information Society
isa LAW3033Cyberlaw: Contemporary Issues
isa LAW3055Disability Law
isa LAW3100Evidence
isa LAW3116Gender and the Law
isa LAW3129Health Care Law
isadLAW3132Law and the Environment II: Governing the Environment
isadLAW3133Law and the Environment
isa LAW3137Contemporary Imprisonment
isadLAW3171Crime, Law and Social Change: Crime and Criminal Justice in Historical Perspective
isadLAW3173Technology, Crime and Justice
isa LAW3198Media Freedom 1
isa LAW3199Media Freedom 2
isa LAW3241The Law of Trusts
isadLAW3280Media Law
isa LAW3340Intellectual Property Law
isa LAW3341Intellectual Property: Creative and Technology Assets
isa LAW3342Intellectual Property: Commercial and Marketing Assets
isa LAW3371Commercial Law: Commercial and Consumer Sales
isa LAW3516Mass Atrocities and Criminal Justice


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