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2021/22 Selected Undergraduate Module Index

School of Physics and Astronomy

Contact:Physics Taught Student Office
d = discovery module
skd = skills discovery module
isa = available for incoming Study Abroad
  PHYS0016Thermal and Materials Physics
  PHYS0025Waves and Particles
  PHYS0036Fields and Electricity
  PHYS0040Physics Laboratory
isa PHYS1000Year One Physics Tutorials
  PHYS1001Introduction to Experimental Physics
isadPHYS1020Stars and Galaxies
isadPHYS1040Planets and the Search for Life
isa PHYS1200Physics 1- Fundamental Forces
isa PHYS1210Physics 2- Properties of Matter
isa PHYS1220Computing 1- Fundamentals of Programming
isadPHYS1231Introductory Physics (Geophysics)
isa PHYS1240Quantum Physics and Relativity (Geophysics)
isadPHYS1250Vibrations and Waves (Geophysics)
isa PHYS1260Laboratory 1a (Joint Honours and Geophysics)
isa PHYS1261Laboratory 1a (Joint Honours)
isa PHYS1270Quantum Mechanics and Electricity (Joint Honours)
isa PHYS1280Vibrations and Thermal Physics (Joint Honours)
isa PHYS1290Maths 1- Scalars and Vectors
isa PHYS1300Maths 2- Multivariable Calculus
isadPHYS1311Introduction to Nanotechnology
  PHYS2001Experimental Physics
  PHYS2002Experimental Physics (for Astrophysics)
  PHYS2003Experimental Physics (For NatSci & Joint Honours)
isadPHYS2015High Energy Astrophysics
  PHYS2050Communicating Physics
isadPHYS2150Stellar Structure and Evolution
isa PHYS2300Physics 3- Fields and Energy
isa PHYS2311Physics 4- Quantum Phenomena
  PHYS2320Computing 2- Computational Physics
isadPHYS2331Nanophysics and Small Systems
isa PHYS2340Electromagnetism (Geophysics)
  PHYS2350Electromagnetism (Joint Honours)
isa PHYS2360Quantum Mechanics (Joint Honours)
isa PHYS2370Maths 3- Matrices and Operators
isa PHYS2380Maths 4- Transforms and Partial Differential Equations
isa PHYS3001Advanced Techniques in Experimental Physics
isa PHYS3002Advanced Techniques in Astrophysics
isa PHYS3003Advanced Techniques in Theoretical Physics
isa PHYS3004Advanced Techniques in Physics (Joint Honours)
isa PHYS3160Joint Honours (Science): Project
  PHYS3181Group Industrial Project
isadPHYS3190Molecular Simulation: Theory and Practice
isa PHYS3281Star and Planet Formation
isa PHYS3383Advanced Quantum Physics
isa PHYS3390Quantum Photonics
isa PHYS3394Quantum Matter
isa PHYS3422Magnetism in Condensed Matter
isa PHYS3441Statistical Mechanics
isa PHYS3505Professional Skills in Physics
isa PHYS3511Advanced Mechanics
isa PHYS3523Bionanophysics
isa PHYS3543Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics
  PHYS3605Physics in Schools
  PHYS3705Physics into Work
  PHYS8900Physics - Year in Industry
  PHYS9001Year Abroad for MPhys Students
  PHYS9002Year Abroad for BSc Students


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