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2022/23 Selected Undergraduate Module Index

Leeds University Business School

Contact:Samantha Robinson
d = discovery module
skd = skills discovery module
isa = available for incoming Study Abroad
isadLUBS1001Introduction to Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
isadLUBS1010Understanding Social Enterprises
isadLUBS1036Introduction to Finance
isadLUBS1125Economic Institutions (Labour)
isadLUBS1140Principles of International Business
isadLUBS1170Introduction to Management
isa LUBS1175Global Entrepreneurship
isadLUBS1185Understanding Statistics in the Social Sciences
isadLUBS1235Introductory Financial Accounting
isadLUBS1245Introductory Management Accounting
isadLUBS1290Economic Controversies
isa LUBS1295Economics and Global History
isadLUBS1520Introduction to Sports Analytics
isadLUBS1530Business Analytics 1
isadLUBS1585Economic Institutions (Industry)
isa LUBS1620Schools of Thought in Economics
isadLUBS1630Introductory Statistics for Business
isadLUBS1755Business and Society (Combined)
isadLUBS1760Business and Society (Organisation Theory)
isadLUBS1765Business and Society (Social Theory)
isadLUBS1785Introduction to Effective Decision Making
isa LUBS1795The Contemporary Business Environment
isadLUBS1850Organisational Behaviour
isa LUBS1860Fundamentals of Marketing
isa LUBS1870Behaviour in Organisations
isadLUBS1890Starting Your Own Business
isa LUBS1940Economics for Management
isa LUBS1951Economic Theory and Applications
isa LUBS1952Economic Theory and Applications for Finance
isadLUBS2000Management, Work and Organisations
isa LUBS2010Consumer Behaviour
isadLUBS2028Leading and Managing Small Businesses
isa LUBS2040Theories of Growth, Value and Distribution
isadLUBS2045Entrepreneurship in Theory and Practice
isadLUBS2050Industrial Economics
isadLUBS2060Contemporary Industrial Relations
isadLUBS2065Managing Innovation in Business
isadLUBS2080New Enterprise Planning
isadLUBS2095Understanding Data in the Social Sciences
isadLUBS2125Anthropology for Business
isa LUBS2140Intermediate Microeconomics
isadLUBS2150People in Organisations
isadLUBS2160Principles of Marketing
isadLUBS2206Corporate Financial Management
isa LUBS2230Mathematics for Business and Economics 2
isa LUBS2281Macroeconomic Policy and Performance
isadLUBS2291Financial Accounting and Reporting
isadLUBS2295Intermediate Management Accounting
isadLUBS2400The International Economic Environment
isadLUBS2405Cross-Cultural Management
isadLUBS2410Small Business Internationalisation and Growth
isadLUBS2420Business Economics
isa LUBS2575Statistics and Econometrics
isadLUBS2580Contemporary Human Resource Management
isadLUBS2590Labour Economics
isa LUBS2610Intermediate Macroeconomics
isadLUBS2660Principles of Corporate Strategy
isadLUBS2675How to be a Successful Policy Economist
isadLUBS2680Ethics and Economics
isadLUBS2765Advanced Management Decision Making
isa LUBS2781Managing in the Digital Workplace
isadLUBS2785How Managers Make Decisions
isadLUBS2810Business and the Legal Environment
isa LUBS2820Contemporary Topics in International Business
isa LUBS2850Marketing
isadLUBS2860Managing International Business
isa LUBS2895Organisational Behaviour in Practice
isa LUBS2900Operations and Supply Chain Management
isadLUBS2931Evidence-based Consultancy
isadLUBS2970Corporate Social Responsibility
isadLUBS3001Gender and Equality at Work in Comparative Perspective
isadLUBS3002Diversity Management
isa LUBS3003Business Ethics
isa LUBS3005Advanced Microeconomics
isadLUBS3013Enterprise Consultancy
isadLUBS3053Managing Social Media and Digital Work
isa LUBS3070Strategic Management
isadLUBS3096Global Perspectives on Work and Employment
isa LUBS3116Private Equity
isadLUBS3120Forensic Accounting and Finance
isa LUBS3150International Banking and Finance
isa LUBS3160Financial Derivatives
isadLUBS3185People Analytics: Strategy and Practice
isa LUBS3190International Marketing
isadLUBS3250Transnational Corporations in the World Economy
isadLUBS3306Critical Perspective in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
isa LUBS3330Economic Development
isa LUBS3340Economics of Famines
isa LUBS3365Environmental Economics
isa LUBS3370Applied Econometrics
isa LUBS3375Behavioural Economics
isa LUBS3430Modern Theories of Money and Monetary Policy
isadLUBS3435Public Enterprise and Regulation
isa LUBS3505Advanced Macroeconomics
isa LUBS3530Advertising and Promotional Management
isa LUBS3620International Business Finance
isa LUBS3645Advanced Finance
isa LUBS3785The Economics of Unions
isadLUBS3805International Business Management
isa LUBS3840European Business
isadLUBS3850Contemporary Management Consulting
isadLUBS3855Strategic Human Resource Management
isa LUBS3860International Strategic Management
isadLUBS3915Employment Law
isa LUBS3930Economics of Business and Corporate Strategy
isadLUBS3950Current Issues in Decision Making
isa LUBS3955Leadership in Organisations
isadLUBS3966Managing Global Value Chains
isadLUBS3975Managing Innovation and Technology
isadLUBS3990Innovation Thinking and Practice


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