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2022/23 Selected Undergraduate Module Index

School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies

Contact:Samantha Ware
d = discovery module
skd = skills discovery module
isa = available for incoming Study Abroad
isa ARTF1027Cultural History
isa ARTF1045A Story of Art? 1
isa ARTF1046A Story of Art? 2
isa ARTF1047The English Country House: Making and Meaning
isa ARTF1048Introduction to Museum and Art Gallery Studies
isa ARTF2001Studio Practice for Incoming Study Abroad Students
isa ARTF2003The New York School
isa ARTF2044Cinema and Culture
isadARTF2047Image, Music, Text: Reading Roland Barthes
isa ARTF2049The State of Utopia
isadARTF2051Seeing in Asia
isadARTF2052Showing Asia
isa ARTF2055Variant Modernism
isa ARTF2059The Grand Tour: travels, excavations, collections
isa ARTF2064Live Issues and Contemporary Art Practice
isa ARTF2069The Art Market: Moments, Methodologies, Meanings
isa ARTF2074African Art I: Context Representation Signification
isadARTF2092The Museum
isa ARTF2094Art, Power and Portraiture
isadARTF2111Bodies of Difference: Gender, Power and the Visual Arts
isa ARTF2117The Avant Gardes
isadARTF2205Renaissance / Anti-Renaissance: Critical Approaches to Early Modern Art in Europe
isadARTF3003Deconstruction Reading Politics
isa ARTF3014Making Sense of Sound
isadARTF3034From Trauma to Cultural Memory: The Unfinished Business of Representation and the Holocaust
isadARTF3054Anthropology, Art and Representation
isadARTF3056Unmaking Things: Materials and Ideas in the European Renaissance
isa ARTF3058Reading Sexual Difference
isa ARTF3059Critical approaches to photography
isa ARTF3063Postcolonial Feminisms
isadARTF3077Humanity, Animality and Globality
isa ARTF3099Antique Dealers: The Market for 'Decorative Art' from Curiosities to Retro
isadARTF3166The Ripped and the Raw: Aspects of European Art 1945-1960
isadARTF3168Africa and the Atlantic World: History, Historiography and the Visual Arts
isa ARTF3173Movies, Migrants and Diasporas


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